Friday, July 18, 2008

We Need A New "King Of All Blacks"...

...because the current "Kings Of All Blacks" just stay losin'.

Al Sharpton can't pay his taxes on time, and there's that whole perm thing. I personally like Tavis, but plenty of you still are caught on that crabs in the barrel incident from a few months back, and I can't blame you. Andrew Young went from civil rights icon, to questioning Barry's blackness, to becoming a "mentor" for maligned rapper TI in just a matter of months. MLK's kids can't even settle a simple family money matter without calling in their lawyers. So it's clearly not a good time for those in "black leadership".

And then there's our friend Jesse.

Rev. Jesse Jackson was apparently caught on tape using the “n-word,” the racial epithet term he has railed against for years, adding an ironic new twist to the controversy over his recent remarks about Barack Obama during an off-air break in a televised interview.

A chagrined Jackson issued a renewed apology to the Democratic presidential candidate late Wednesday while traveling overseas, without specifically confessing to using the racial slur while he waited to speak on a recent Fox News program.

Advisers to Jackson declined to confirm that Jackson used the word, but Fox host Bill O’Reilly said in an evening interview that Jackson did use the term. O’Reilly said that when he broke the original story several days ago, he had withheld the incendiary comment because he didn’t want to create that sort of controversy.

The latest development is all the more shocking given Jackson’s history, not just as a civil rights leader in general but as a crusader against use of that specific word in particular. A preacher devoted to the idea that language can transform the way people think, Jackson has repeatedly called on members of the entertainment industry to stop using the word. He even urged a boycott of sales of “Seinfeld” episodes after actor Michael Richards used the word during a stand-up routine.
Jesse has apologized to no end, but as I said last week, what exactly is he apologizing for? Does he have to? He's entitled to his opinion. Others are entitled to disagree. It's pretty much how the world works.

Nonetheless, I think his days as the go-to guy for anti-racist soundbytes are over. His currency with black folks pretty much ran out in the mid-90's, but since the MSM is notoriously late with stuff, they're just catching this now. Needless to say, his credibility is even shot with them now. I predict a slow, and silent ride into the sunset of media oblivion.

If a "civil rights leader" speaks in a forest, but there are no mics around, does he even make a noise?

Either way, you and I both know how the game goes. Whether or not we want one or not (and I don't), the media will need to find a new go-to guy for anti-racism soundbytes to crown the new "King Of All Blacks". It is inevitable. Never mind the fact that no single person is appointed to speak for any other ethnic group. Seriously, who's the "King Of All Appalachia"? Jeff Foxworthy? Larry The Cable Guy?

My point being, the MSM will pick a new "King Of All Blacks", because that's how the game goes. And just in case you guys haven't noticed, people who have some decision making ability do indeed read blogs, specifically ones like mine, to get a gauge of public Negro Opinion. Do you think it's a mere coincidence that TV One just so happened to come up with a politricks show a few months after I gave them a very detailed blueprint right here at I think not.

So, let's go ahead and start tossing some names out there. The "New King Of All Blacks" will be next week's poll, but I need some nominations. These can be either male or female, well known or obscure, old or young, but they have to be black(ish) and reasonably telegenic. The New King/Queen can't be an elected official either, because of the inherent conflict of interest. Sorry, but those are the rules.

Make your nominations you-know-where. I'll add the Top 5 or so to next week's poll.

Question: Who do you nominate to be the next "King Of All Blacks"? How ludicrous do you think it is that the media must appoint "black leaders", but nobody for other ethnic groups? Why do you think that is?

Rev. Jackson allegedly used ’n-word’ on Fox News [Detroit Free Press]

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