Monday, July 21, 2008

Poll Position: Should Be Redesigned?!?

Last week's inaugural edition of Poll Position asked a very simple question with a complex array of answers. As you guys know, I've been toying around with making more visually appealing for months now. Something about the current Blogger template just seems really staid and if I had my choice, I'd really prefer something more colorful, or at the very least, whiter.[1] But Blogger's other stock templates are equally uninspiring, and the custom templates I've found elsewhere don't do it for me either. So, I figured I'd ask you guys if needs to be redesigned before I wrung my hands any further.

The poll was multiple choice (just in case you didn't realize it) and allowed you to vote on several different issues. We got nearly 100 results, which wasn't bad for something I didn't even hype up.

The results were as follows.

I mixed up the possible answers so they'd be more detailed than a simple yes/no, which makes the results pretty revealing, albeit convoluted. Some of the answers were of the "no" nature, and those lost by a landslide. So, I can conclude that you guys don't want to go to WordPress, don't think the site needs to be "flipped", and perhaps most importantly, think the ads are ok.

That being the case, please click on your ad for the day and contribute to the AverageToddler Ivy League Fund. Because a mind is a terrible thang.[2]

The sole "No" answer to receive significant votes was the "Gray = Dull" option. What can I say? I'll keep trying to find ways of brightening things up around here, but I can't make any promises.

The "Yes" answers confirmed much of what I'd hoped. You guys like the site as-is, don't really care about the look anyway, and think Intellibrotha's new necktie logo is pretty cool. I'll take that and run with it.

This week's poll is already up. Last week's discussion about the New "Kings Of All Blacks" was thought provoking and gave me plenty of candidates to list. You'll see, there are quite a few names, and if you're unsure of whom someone is, google them. Most have been discussed at some point here at

Vote early and often.

We Need A New "King Of All Blacks" []

[1] Go ahead, make some jokes. I walked right into that one.

[2] To waste, that is. Were you paying attention?

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