Wednesday, July 23, 2008

AB Bombs On NPR.

Well, you know how the saying goes. You can't win em' all.

How apropos, because on my monthly visit to NPR's News and Notes today, I pretty much struck out.

I knew something was wrong from the moment I arrived at NPR's Mass Ave. studios (pictured above) and tried to get validated for parking. My Ethiopian brothers weren't tryin' to let a brotha park and validate as instructed. So I ended up blowing lots of energy and time on getting this ironed out, and barely made it to the booth for the start of the show.

The show's usual host, Farai Chideya, was out on assignment today, so her replacement Tony Cox hosted. Dude's a consummate pro, so this is certainly no knock on him. But Farai and I have a nice little rapport developing. She knows I'm News and Notes' "keepin' it real" guy, and knows how to set me up perfectly for punchlines. Tony's great, but we don't have the chemistry, and it sorta showed.

Continuing the baseball metaphor, I got to bat leadoff today. The fellow guests were Desmond Burton of Afronerd, and Aimee Laramore of A Work in Progress and Political Season, both great bloggers with sites you should peep.

Our topics today were good, but didn't really lend themselves to my "shtick". We talked about racial codewords in Corporate America, the kerfuffle over Disney's The Frog Princess, and Ebony magazine's series of "Cool" covers. So as a result, I kinda came off as the goofy guy with poor punchlines surrounded by two very serious bloggers who were far more polished. It was not my finest hour.

So much for my nomination as the new King Of All Blacks.

Have a listen and judge for yourself. I'm going somewhere to cry in my cereal, now that Kashi is on sale again.

Question: Did AB strike out royally or was this merely a base hit?

Listen to The NPR News and Notes Blogger's Roundtable [NPR]

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