Wednesday, July 16, 2008

106th & Park = Negro Nonsense

[Editor's Note: I'd usually run this sorta whimsical crap on a weekend, but it seems like BET's been trying to get this removed permanently from the internet, so I had no choice.]

I'm over the age of 25, so I don't watch 106th & Park, but when AverageCommenter™ Cube sent this, I sorta had to run it. Long story short, the show's co-hosts apparently have some behind-the-scenes beef, which culminates in this very strange and very disrespectful on-air exchange.

Maybe you'll find it mildly amusing if you're familiar with them. Personally, I don't really get what's so funny/interesting about this. Fill me in if you do.

I guess more than anything else, it shows why BET stays losin'. What sorta professionalism is it to have two show hosts beefin' and basically playin' the dozens?

TV One has the Democratic Convention. BET has this Nigga Nonsense.

Where's Prince DeJour when you really need him?[1]

Question: What do you think of this display of rank amateurism?


[1] I'm sure I misspelled this, but anyone else remember who Prince DeJour is?

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