Friday, June 27, 2008

Does Barack Have A Backbone!?!

I know I'm gonna piss off half of my readers, but I gotta get this off my chest.

I'm beginning to wonder exactly what Barack Obama stands for.

They keep attacking his Pastor. He caves in and throws the man under the bus.

They keep attacking his church. He leaves it.

They attack his wife constantly. He waits months to actually say something publicly in her defense.

They call him unpatriotic. He caves in and puts on the damn lapel pin.

They accuse him of being a Muslim and secret terrorist. He laughs it off.

They call him "acting white" and "pandering to white guilt". He brushes his shoulders off.

They talk shit about him, accuse him of reverse racism and run his name into the ground. He helps them pay off their campaign debt.[1]

You and I both know this is the delicate balancing act that a black man running for the Number One Spot must endure. We talk about it every day here, we live some variation of it every day in our lives. He is playing the game to get the job. We've all done it.

But after watching Barack Obama play this "non-threatening black guy" role to perfection, I'm beginning to wonder exactly what's left when you take away all the compromise. In short, if you stand for nothing, you'll fall for anything. What stops dude from continually bending over and grabbing his ankles once he gets in the White House? When exactly does he say "eff' political correctness" and C.Y.I.N.!?!? Does he even have an Inner Nigga?

I know some of you are gonna be upset that I'm publicly questioning Obama's tactics when I frequently talk about toeing the fine line to succeed in America myself. I'll take that hit. But who says you can't both support a person and be critical of them?

I only "drink the Kool Aid" for God, my wife, and my son. Period. So Obama, while I love his candidacy and what it potentially represents, is hardly above reproach.

Again, I know "the game". I know there's a need to balance things. You gotta tell folks what they wanna hear. I get all that, and can't say I fault him for understanding the racial dynamics of American politricks circa 2008, and acting accordingly. Don't get me wrong, I'm still squarely behind him. I'll give him money (again) that's not earmarked for That Woman's rent party. I will actively campaign for him (again) in the Fall. And I'm definitely still voting for him (again) because he is undoubtedly on the right side of the issues I'm most concerned about.

But I'm beginning to wonder to myself, what exactly does this guy stand for?

Question: Are you a bit concerned what Obama's "go along to get along" approach to getting elected might mean should he actually get elected?

Obama donates $4600 to Clinton's debt relief [AP]

[1] This bama just cut dual $2,300 checks on both his and his wife's behalves. I wonder how Michelle feels about that one. I'd hate to hear tonight's pillow talk.

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