Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Celtics Win! The Celtics Win!

[Editor's Note: I apologize in advance to the non-sports fans. Just scroll past this one, there's lot of other stuff you'll dig further down. And in case you're wondering, no. That's ain't PhotoShopped. Somebody get Big Baby Davis some dignity and a case of SlimFast.]

Never let it be said that I can't admit when I was wrong. Hell, I'm married to a black woman. Admitting wrongdoing is damn near a survival skill.

That said, when I boldly predicted Lakers in 6 a few weeks back, I was assuming a few things.
1. Kobe Bryant was ready to take the next step into full blown MJ-dom.
2. The Celtics couldn't win on the road.
3. The Celtics Finals inexperience would be trumped by Kobe's comparative wealth of experience.
4. The Celtics weren't deep enough to hang with Showtime.
5. The Lakers wouldn't miss Andrew Bynum much.
Boy was I wrong on all accounts. At least I did get the number of games (6) correct. I just happened to pick the wrong victor.

We sippin' champagne like we won the championship gaaammme...

Doc Rivers has to get lots of credit for pushing all the right buttons and figuring out how to stop Showbe. I just knew Kobe Bean had a masterful 53 point game in him, but as each 4th quarter rolled around and he did more passing and hiding that actual shooting, I knew this would never materialize. The Lakers were exposed as a vastly inferior defensive team, and 2nd fiddles like Lamar Odom and Pau Gasol proved exactly why their prior teams gave up on them. Those guys should be showing up on a milk carton any day now.

If there's any solace in this whole thing, it's that the East seems to finally be credible again. I don't particularly care for any of the Celtics players (save PJ Brown), but I guess I'm happy they bought the title back to the LEastern Conference.

Perhaps this means my dreams of a Wizards victory parade down Georgia Ave/7th Street can't be too far behind.

Then again I am talking about The Wizards, so perhaps not.

Congrats Celtics fans. Enjoy Responsibly.

Here's Kevin Garnett's postgame celebration which some thought was a bit over the top. I'm no KG fan, but dude seemed genuine to me, even with that sideways adidas plug. If I worked my entire life to reach a certain goal[1], and finally made it, I'd prolly do faaaar worse.

Question: Did Kobe Bryant's game regress in this series or was it just me? Is there anything the Lakers could have done differently, short of putting Kareem and Magic in uniform? And since I'm on the topic, do you guys want more sports related posts here at or am I just alienating even more readers when I do so?

Celtics win NBA title with 131-92 rout of Lakers [AP]

[1] ie: playing in an actual NBA game, making my own etouffee, and you know what...

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