Wednesday, June 25, 2008

AverageBro & AverageFam Live Blog The BET Awards 08'

[We Watch, So You Don't Have To.]

I didn't plug this yesterday, so I'm sure most of ya'll missed it, but I decided at the last moment to experiment with a little live blogging here at Instead of watching the Extreme Coonery of the BET Awards 08' in a secluded location as usual, I decided to invite over my brothers (AOB and AMB) and drag my wife (AS) into the fray to make the whole thing a great big AverageFamily affair.[1]

Cause the family that live blogs together stays together. Or somethin' like that.

If you missed the first airing of the Awards, don't fret. They'll be re-airing Friday the 27th at 7:30PM and on constant replay for the next 4 months.

And when they re-air, simply reference the links below, and relive this exercise in Extreme Niggadom with AverageFam in simulated real-time. Or somethin' like that.

AverageBro & Family LiveBlog The BET Awards: PreShow Edition
AverageBro & Family LiveBlog The BET Awards: Hour One
AverageBro & Family LiveBlog The BET Awards: Hour Two
AverageBro & Family LiveBlog The BET Awards: Hour Three

Question: Did you watch the BET Awards? Who was the best performer? Did you enjoy our special brand of family comedy? Did we nail it? Do AOB and AMB prove the "apple doesn't fall far from the AverageDad tree"? Do you have any idea why AverageSis stays married to me? Is this an Instant Classic or what?

Watch Clips Of The 08' BET Awards []

[1] No children or animals were harmed during the creation of this live blog. My son was sound asleep by hour #2.

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