Tuesday, June 24, 2008

AB.com Guest Post: Who The Hell You Callin' An Angry Black Woman?!?

[Editor's Note: At BlackAndMarriedWithKids.com, my man TheDad and his wife TheMom explore the his/hers PoV of various relationship issues on the daily, which isn't really a perspective you get to hear very often. The site's all about uplifting the black family, which as you might suspect, AB is all for. In today's GuestPost, they go in on the whole "Angry Black Woman" issue surrounding you-know-who. Show some love you-know-where.]

This is a very interesting term for a very interesting time. Me and TheMom go back and forth about this all of the time. She hates the idea of an angry black woman with every seething ounce of angry black blood in her body…. woops I mean she really doesn’t agree with that POV that black women are angry and she’ll let you know about it. At times I’ve joked to her that she’s the advocate of angry black women around the globe.

If I really want to mess with her and make her chase me around the kitchen for a few laps I’ll joke with her that something she says sound like a comment from an angry… and thats as far as I get before I get “the look” then it’s time to lace up my track shoes. (Now TheMom is not innocent you guys, she does counter my ABW advocate mess by telling me I’m the spokesperson for Tired Ass Black Men) but whatever, we (or should I say I. LOL) are joking most of the time and tripping off of these perceived stereotypes that not only exist in MSM but are perpetuated in our own communities.

But after seeing how they’re trying to flip the script on Michelle Obama (BMWK favorite) I’ve told TheMom I’m burying the term ala the NAACP and the “N” Word (hows that working out for ya NAACP?). What really did she do to deserve that? Everytime I see her she’s smiling and seems like one of the nicest women on earth. I was just telling TheMom this morning that I think Barry married up on this one. While taking that long DC commute into work this morning I heard Steve Harvey in regards to another topic say on his radio show that there are plenty of angry white women out there too, just ask the white men that are divorcing them.

Anyway check this out, a group of non-black people discussing the plight of Angry Black Women. Amazing that this is what the presidential race is all about. Someone must have missed the memo that there’s 4 dollar gas out here.

Question: Whats up with this Angry Black Woman crap? Tell us about how the media is painting Michelle as one then tell us what you think about the term in general.

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