Wednesday, June 11, 2008

AB Does NPR: The Audio

I did NPR's News and Notes With Farai Chideya again this afternoon. I was running a bit early to the studio, so when I arrived, they put me in the green room until the on-air talent was done. No sooner seated, none other than Democratic Baller and Shotcaller Donna Brazile comes walking out the booth. I shoulda seized the moment to plug and ask for a hookup over at CNN, but the whole thing happened so quickly, she didn't even look up and notice me. Maybe next time.

Today was a pretty good show with three very timely issues discussed. We talked about the whole "terrorist fist jab" issue that just got a Fox News host canned, the ridonculously silly Spike Lee vs Clint Eastwood feud, and the potential impact of Hip Hop Superdelegates for Obama.

Riding shotgun were my girl Valencia Roner of Diary of a Content Black Woman, and the ever cool L.N. Rock of African American Political Pundit.

Listen to AB on NPR News & Notes With Farai Chideya [NPR]

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