Wednesday, June 4, 2008


[I sure hope ya'll get the point of this photo.]

Yep, another landmark post.

I've made a habit of highlighting landmark posts here, so why not continue the tradition? It's only right.

Wow, just over a year, and half a thousand already. Time flies when... well you know the rest. I don't really know how we went from two readers (me and AverageSisInLaw) for over a thousand in barely a calendar year, nor do I know how much longer I'll be at this, but I appreciate everyone who stops by here for my unique blend of Elitist Ghetto-Bourgeois Intellect and Negro Nonsense each day. I guess this means I must be doing something right, so why stop now?

I would start givin' shout outs and the obligatory thanks, but I did that already a couple of weeks ago. So, how about we all just break out the CapriSuns[1] and toast to another five-hunned?

So, before I start getting all wistful and go dig up that godawful first post just for the sake of Negro Nostalgia, I'll just say thanks, and keep ridin' with your boy.

Question: What can I do to ensure ya'll stick around for another 500?

[1] Just in case you were curious about the origin of that whole CapriSun thing, here's your explanation. Watch the whole thing or you'll miss it.

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