Tuesday, May 13, 2008

My, How The Mighty Have Fallen. Literally.

[You just got knocked the (#@! out!!!]

It's probably not a good idea to cyber-clown a dude like the infamous Suge Knight[1], but watching this is sadder than sad on so many levels.
Death Row Records founder Suge Knight was involved in an altercation at a Los Angeles night spot over the weekend that resulted in him getting knocked out cold.

Knight and a group of men beat an unidentified man at Shag nightclub after the Death Row head and the man got into a heated discussion. Knight and the man were involved in a conversation before witnesses said Knight shouted "I want my money!" After Knight and his crew assaulted the man, the man got up from the ground and landed a punch to Knight's face that resulted in the infamous music mogul hitting the deck. Sources told say Knight was out cold for nearly three minutes.

Details are sketchy as to who actually knocked Suge out, the man who was beaten by his entourage, a witness or someone else altogether. It is also unknown if a weapon was used to deliver the punch.

Knight and his entourage exited the club amid a minor frenzy following the fight. A woman attempted to drive Knight away in an SUV but hit other cars when she both pulled forward and reversed. Security removed the woman from the car and another member of Knight's posse drove him to the hospital. According to the report, police attempted to talk to Knight at the medical facility but he was uncooperative and refused to file a police report regarding the incident.
Suge took Death Row Records from a regional upstart to an industry juggernaut that singlehandedly changed the rap game in the early 90's. He ruled with shrewd business acumen, and a heavy dose of fear. He was not above danglin' a random mutha*@*$$# off a hotel balcony to prove a point if so provoked. So, watching him laid out like some outtake from Friday is pretty disheartening to watch.

Or karma, depending on how you look at it.

No, I couldn't resist running this clip. Admit it, you already knew it was coming, cliched as it is. It's only right.

Question: Do you feel bad for Suge Knight, or did he have it coming considering how many folks he's punked over the years?

Suge Knight Punched Out In LA Club This Weekend [411mania]

[1] Seriously Marion, this is just jokes, man. Just jokes. Please don't take any of this stuff seriously. I don't need to see you at my front door.

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