Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Kobe Bryant Is A Jackass

Why, you might ask am I calling Kobe Bryant a jackass when he's in the midst of a ridonculous playoff run?

  • It's not because of that whole Colorado thing. I'm beyond that.

  • It's not because of that whole snitchin' on The Diesel thing. I'm beyond that too.

  • It's not because of his generally smarmy, better-than-thou on-court persona. By winning the MVP this year, he proved there's nobody better.

  • It's not the most recent allegation that he's creepin' on his wife with a Laker Girl also named Vanessa, whom his wife got fired from the squad. I mean, seriously, is anyone surprised that NBA players cheat? Sheez.

  • Nope, it's because his latest dose of viral video madness features the crew from MTV's Jackass, and a pool full of reptiles.

    Like that jumping over an Aston Martin commercial last month, this one should be watched closely or you'll miss the trick. If the Jackass guys repulse you as much as they do me, just fast forward to the good part around the 1:00m mark.

    Question: Did Kobe really jump over the pool of snakes or is this another optical illusion? If the Laker Girl rumors are indeed true, just how much is he gonna need to spend on precious gems to get his wife to stick with him this time?

    This Dirty Kobe Bryant Business [DeadSpin]

    Kobe Jumps Over A Car! Computer Trick, Cool Trick, or Irresponsible?!?? []

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