Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Go Sit Down! Please.

[Lil' Mama says "Go Sit Down!"]

Okay, new rule here at the words "Clinton" and "Hillary" will no longer be mentioned on after this post.[1] Why? Because this race has been over since Super Tuesday. The cable news talking heads finally realized they couldn't keep calling this a "close contest" with a straight face anymore, after Obama cold carried her in my home state (NC Stood Up!) and darn near pulled out Indiana. If these fine journalists are calling the race over, then how long is it gonna take that woman to reach the same conclusion?

If you're wondering, yes, I did actually stay up until 1:15am to wait for the final results to roll in from Lake County, IN. And if you ask me, there were prolly some shenanigans up there that caused that tally to be delayed. I would have said the same thing had Obama won as a result (just ask AverageSis). I expect some sort of clarification and/or recount to quietly surface in the coming weeks. Not that it makes any difference. Reality is, she lost a state demographically similar to Pennsylvania and Ohio. With all the Rebb'n Wright jibberjabber this past month, she should have taken it in a landslide.

The Hoosier State hasn't seen a screw-up this bad since Kelvin Sampson.[2]

I would love to say this whole thing is over, and Barry can start focusing on Old Man McCain[3], but you and I both know that woman is going to hang around until they make a final call on Florida and Michigan, which is just sad on so many levels. Watching her concession victory speech in Indy last night, it became so obvious that even that woman realizes she can't win, but has too much pride to just throw in the cards. She has zero money, zero momentum (even with those Operation Chaos d-bags voting for her), and zero chance.

Go Sit Down!

Question: Is there any chance that woman steps down before the convention? Is the Democratic Party doing it's presumptive candidate and for that matter, itself a disservice by allowing this charade to crawl on?

Obama, That Woman Split Key Primaries [CBS]

Non-Democrats Influenced Ind., N.C. Vote [CBS]

[1] This will of course be easier said than done, so cut me some slack when I inevitably mess this one up.

[2] Disgraced and recently discarded Indiana U. basketball coach. Sorry for the obscure sports references.

[3] I need a better nickname for Senator McCain. I'll be tying that name repeatedly for the next 6 months. Give me something snappier in the comments.

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