Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Did You Get Your Reparations Check Yet?

Of course I'm talkin' about those stimulus checks, not actual reparations. When I last checked, the whole "40 Acres and a Lexus" movement died just after Dubbya arrived in office, but don't tell the fine gents who frequent my barbershop. As I told you guys before, a few years back, one dude came dancing in, rapt in jubilation as he spoke fondly of George Bush for cutting those $400 "repperashuns" checks. If he got a $600 check as expected this year, I'm sure he's somewhere with a handful of singles making some lucky lady a bit richer, and himself a bit poorer right about now.

Me? Uh, not so much.

I figured my good fortune would exclude the AverageFamily from getting anything back[1] this year, a suspicion that was seconded by my tax preparer. And that's really a bummer, cause while I still can't afford that 21.1 Megapixel camera I told ya'll about last week, I could sure use a few extra dollars to blow on the new Grand Theft Auto[2] game, and a few pair of Starburys.

Don't laugh, like ya'll haven't copped any yet.

Anyways, when the initial checks went out last month and we didn't get anything, I figured this was a done deal. Not so fast.

There's a glitch in the government's plans to put $150 billion into the economy by sending taxpayers a rebate: The rebates aren't arriving.

Potentially, millions of taxpayers who were expecting to have their money this week will be waiting for their checks until June or July.

In addition, an IRS spokesman confirmed last week that some economic-stimulus payments have gone to the wrong bank accounts.

The stimulus snafu may affect the millions of taxpayers who take out refund-anticipation loans or who let tax-preparation firms to deduct fees from their refunds.

Many who made either choice are now learning that they won't get their rebates by direct deposit -- the fastest way to get the money. Instead, they will have to wait for a paper check by mail. That could delay the arrival until as late as July 11.

The rebate payments were supposed to begin arriving May 2. Direct deposits were supposed to be completed by May 16. The IRS said this schedule would apply to any returns that were processed by April 15, the federal income-tax filing deadline.
I got a letter in the mail the other day from the IRS (never a good thing) saying not only was I getting a check, but I'd be getting the full $1,500 for my family of three. It'll be here sometime soon.

Just one more reason for George W. Bush is the Best President Evar!!!

Reparations Rock!

Question: Ignoring the obvious sarcasm in this post, have you received your stimulus check yet? Do you plan on blowing it or saving it? Do you think this whole "economic stimulus plan" is a found financial tactic or just some ole' BS to raise Dubbya's paltry approval rating on the way out the door?

Rules may delay, deflate payments [SouthFLSun-Sentinel]

[1] The funny thing is, you're not actually getting anything "back". You're actually receiving an advance on the money you would otherwise get next year.

[2] Anybody played this yet for PS3? How is it?

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