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AB.com Guest Post: Did The Kentucky Derby Predict The Election?

[Editor's Note: I get emails from AverageCommenters all the time, usually dropping me story ideas. But after watching this weekend's Kentucky Derby, one of our regulars, EbonyGentleman, went the whole nine yards and wrote an entire post for me. Since this is you guys' blog, not mine, I present to you our latest AB.com Guest Post. Take it away, EG....]

First and foremost, I'm a sports fan. I love watching any broadcast game at any time from every corner of the world. However, my love of the games took a turn for the weird and eerie this past Saturday. A horse race could have been a "Presidential Omen" for this November.

This year, the 134th Kentucky Derby featured four horses and their stories could not have been more similar to the three remaining candidates gunning for the White House. Stay with me, cause the following coincidences might freak some of you out.

Let me start by posting the official results of the race FIRST:

3rd. DENIS of CORK

Entering the race, there were two contenders that the sporting media were hyping up. The first horse, "BIG BROWN," was a 5-2 favorite. He had raced three times in the past year, and won all three. However, the knock against him was that he was "an unkown....untested...relatively inexperienced." Big Brown started in the 20th post, (the bottom of the track nearest the crowd.) This is the absolute WORST starting position a horse can have, and it's not a very successful place to start a race. His owners and trainers boasted that the horse would win despite his bad placement, which ticked off the other horse trainers. His starting position was literally an outside threat to win. Plus, he fell back early to come back and win by a small margin (5 lengths).

As you can see, BIG BROWN is clearly a personification of Barack Obama. He's the media darling. He's doesn't have long years in office compared to his counterparts, and he's very gregarious. His confidence and early successes (numerous primary wins) has clearly peed off his political rivals (see Geraldine Ferraro). Plus, in the early stages of his campaign, he wasn't even a true threat for the throne until Iowa. His small margin of victory suggests possibly a small edge in Superdelegates to give him the edge for the Democratic nomination.

"COLONEL JOHN" was the other popular favorite in this race. I don't have to connect the dots for you to see that he represents GOP'er John McCain. How? McCain served as a Captain in the Navy. The equivalent to a CAPTAIN in the Army, Marines and Air Force is the rank of COLONEL! Here was the catch on COLONEL JOHN: The horse had NEVER, NEVER, N-E-V-E-R raced on DIRT before, only "FAKE TURF"!!! McCain has been criticized as not being Conservative" (DIRT HORSE) or "traditional" enough (FAKE TURF), that he's actually a conservative FAKER who is more liberal than he lets on. Regardless of his credentials (Long years of public service) doesn't make his fellow GOP'ers confident in him.

His 6th place finish suggests that McCain could fall behind in November as well.

"EIGHT BELLES." The only filly (FEMALE horse) in the entire race. This horse was endorsed TWO DAYS prior by HILLARY CLINTON herself. Her daughter, CHELSEA was AT THE RACE to cheer that particular horse on!!! EIGHT BELLES finished second after running a hard run race, but tragically suffered broken ankles on both FRONT LEGS, shortly after the finish. The horse collapsed to the track and had to be euthanized. This injury and the timing have never happened like that before. Could this mean that Hillary could take this election race to the bitter end (DMC convention) only to literally fall short? Could this horse's tragic death reflect an end to Hillary's political career if she loses? Maybe a physical or mental breakdown is in her future? Remember, she did break down in tears when talking about how much of a long grind (a RACE, remember?) this has been and WILL BE DOWN THE STRETCH. Wow!

DENIS of CORK: This horse finished 3rd. Why is he important? This horse was named after an IRISH MINISTER! Reverend Jeremiah Wright is a minister, ain't he?!? Seriously, Wright is NOT in this election, but the media HAS made him a factor. Ever since "G.D. America" his presence has affected all of the candidates.

I had to call my folks (and email AverageBro!) after I saw the race and realized the aftermath what had happened on May 3rd, Maybe I'm nuts. Maybe it's coincidence, but I swear I can't make this up. Truth is stranger than fiction. We'll have to see if this pans out or not.

Question: What do you think? Is it possible that a horse race could have so many parallels to this year's election? Is fate giving us a heads up when you read between the lines? Do I need to take some more meds? Let the world know.



BIG BROWN'S WIN, 8 Belles "She ran the race of her life." [ESPN]

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