Thursday, April 3, 2008

Who Should Obama Choose As Running Mate?

If you've been here for a minute, you probably know AB's Day Job involves frequent travel. Since my grueling Winter in Minnesota, I've been given a reprieve of late, but today, I found myself headed to Raleigh-Durham for a meeting. I deplane, and as I'm walking through the terminal, I spot a familiar face in the distance. There, with a $400 haircut and near-perfect spray-on tan, is none other than two-time Presidential loser, John Edwards.

In his home state, he's obviously still a star. Surrounded by former constituents, he holds court with 4-5 people at once, with his trademark ear to ear smile still firmly in place. It's a pretty cool "man amongst the people" moment until I realize something.

Damnit, we're both flying Southwest Airlines!!!

And my next thought is, what the hell is a guy worth $60 Million Dollars doing taking a $49 Fun Fare amongst the unwashed masses? Hell, SWA doesn't even let you pick your own seat, it's like a flying Greyhound bus.

As I walked away, I finally realized dude was flying Southwest for the same reasons I do. Because it's cheap, and because it doesn't really make a difference. And besides, you don't become a multi-millionaire by wasting money unnecessarily.

Anyways, the whole thing made me wonder just whom Barack Obama's ideal running mate will be once the dust finally settles. I've heard lots of names, mostly obscure white male Senators and Governors (Jim Webb, Tom Dashcle, Joe "Budden" Biden, Evan Bayh, Chris "The Butcher" Dodd), none of whom exactly excites the populace. Edwards would be the ideal pick in my opinion, but many see him as an also-ran who presents just as many cons as pros. Bill Richardson would do wonders for the Hispanic Vote, but having a Black guy and a Hispanic on the same ticket just sounds like one of those lost Chappelle's Show sketches waiting to happen. Another black man, like Massachusetts' Governor Deval Patrick? Two Brothers = Too Scary. And we won't even mention a certain person (and you know who I'm talking about). If Obama made that decision, I might have to reconsider mine.

Question: Without naming names (unless you've got one that makes sense), what sort of qualities should Obama consider when picking that Number Two Spot? Do you think John Edwards is a tightwad for flying SWA?

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