Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Barry is Baaaaallin'!!!

I'd like to see John McCain pull this one off.

Senator Barack Obama played another game of basketball today, this time suiting up here with the North Carolina Tar Heels. There were no injuries.

With a wave of controversy swirling around him – after a day in which the TV news was dominated by the incendiary words of the Rev. Jeremiah A. Wright Jr. – Mr. Obama began his day of campaigning in the friendly confines of the Tar Heel zone. Basketball has suddenly become a piece of his strategy to connect.
And at least here in North Carolina, where the Democratic primary is one week away, could the images of him on the basketball court replace – or at least supplement – those of his former pastor?

The senator played for several minutes, occasionally lagging behind the bunch. His best chance for a basket came shortly after he made a behind-the-back pass. As the ball was passed back to him, he fired up a jump shot, but it bounced from the backboard and around the rim.

The senator did not score any points, while cameras were rolling, but campaign aides later reported that he sunk a 3-point-shot.
Sure, you can call this extreme pandering. Is it silent manipulation when you play pickup ball in a state where hoops is religion? Yessir! But I'd much rather see Obama doing something he can actually pull off than rolling more gutterballs like he did in that much maligned bowling excursion in PA.

I can't wait to see Hillary warming up with the Meredith College women's lacrosse team.

Besides, what's worse: a candidate playing a game he's halfway decent at, or a candidate's wife who has never cooked a day in her life having an intern crib recipes from the Food Network and calling them her own?

Michelle would never pull no B.S. like that.

You have to wonder sometimes if the Obama campaign is throwing out these images to send a subliminal message to voters. He's played pickup ball in front of reporters and cameras at least a dozen times thus far on this campaign. Is this some underhanded way of telling you about his relative health and youth vs John McCain?

Here Obama is stylin' on my Tarheels and breakin' ankles. Meanwhile, McCain prolly eats his Cream of Wheat and goes to bed by 7pm.

Putting a 6-3 and relatively athletic 40-something beside a crusty, 5-9 septuagenarian will be a pretty potent contrast when these guys line up for debates in the Fall. Yeah, I know that's blatantly trivial and borderline ageism, but folks far smarter than I have studied this sorta stuff and surmised that people do actually factor candidate's heights into their overall assessments of a person's capabilities. Cause short dudes stay losin'.[1]

Thank God I had good genes.

Question: How much does a candidate's overall appearance effect your personal assessment of their abilities? Before you ladies start giving me the Nth degree, just ask yourselves this: how many short dudes have you dated?

Bonus: Obama also introduced Rebb'n Wright to the underside of a Greyhound today.

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[1] For the record, I'm 5-11 1/2. Not Dikembe Mutombo, but not Mini-Me either.

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