Friday, March 7, 2008

SNL Is At It Again

Yeah, I ragged on SNL last week, and did indeed remove it from my Tivo (thus I missed this when it aired), but this is actually somewhat funny. It's not entirely accurate, and it's more borderline propaganda from the fine folks at General Electric, but it is funny. Sorta.

Needless to say, Rebb'n Al wasn't too amused, but took the whole thing in stride like a grown man with a perm should. It's not like he hasn't been picked on for worse stuff.

Revs. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson were asked what they thought of last weekend's "Saturday Night Live" cartoon in which Presidential hopeful Barack Obama tries to distance himself from their offers of help.

In the clip, Jackson and Sharpton show up separately to participate in the historic campaign, only for Obama to send them far away on bogus campaign business so that they won't tarnish his reputation.

"I laughed," Sharpton told columnists Rush & Malloy from the New York Daily News. "In fact, Barack has repeatedly asked for my support. I haven't endorsed either Barack or Hillary [Clinton]. As long as things are still up for grabs, I intend to remain neutral."

Jackson responded: "Why should I have to comment on some comedy writer's opinion?" He adds that he's happy to be part of the "supporting cast" of Obama's real-life campaign. "Given how the cynics operate, the best optics are his wife, his children and his supporters."
Question: Do you think SNL is going overboard with this pro-Hillary stuff or are they too irrelevant to even matter (although I know I'm making them relevant by posting this) anymore?


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