Friday, March 28, 2008

Rebb'n Manning vs Sean Hannity: BloodSport II

This has to be most vile and disgusting 12 minutes and 32 seconds in the history of all television, evar! But watch the whole thing anyway, it's strangely amusing.

America's Favorite Hater, Pastor David Manning was on last night's episode of FauxNews' Hannity and Colmes defending his criticisms of Barack Obama. Never mind the fact that Manning absolutely makes no sense whatsoever, that's beyond the point.

Instead, pay attention to the suddenly saintly Sean Hannity, who "comes to Obama's defense".

Yes, Sean Hannity is sticking up for Obama, telling Manning not to "get personal" and that "Obama's family is off limits". This has to be the biggest crock of bullsh*t I've ever heard.

My "No Politricks Fast" begins Sunday, so I listened to the Sean Hannity Radio Show on my way home from work yesterday. This guy spent a solid 15 minutes calling Michelle Obama everything short of an America-Hating Whore. He constantly calls Obama to task for being dishonest and misleading the American people because of his 20 year relationship with a "racist hate mongerer" like Jeremiah Wright. Yet, suddenly I'm supposed to buy the fact that Hannity thinks it's wrong for David Manning to absentmindedly talk greasy about the man when Hannity just finished spending the whole day doing the same thing?

Wigga Please!

I've said it before, and I'll say it again, if you don't watch or listen to conservative media, you should. Not for the hosts, but specifically for the callers that take the time every day to dial-in and agree with this kinda bullcrap. These folks are still upset, not just about Rebb'n Wright, but still furious about that urban legend that Obama doesn't recite the pledge or put his hand over his heart.

Yes, folks, this is what we're dealing with in 08'.

The oh-so-obvious Grand Hu$tle here is that Hannity (and Fox) brought on an idiot like Manning to not only set Obama, but the prospect of black people in positions of authority back, period. There's no way a supposedly reputable news organization (sigh) would invite a crackpot of this sort on to discredit John McCain. I am willing to bet once the cameras went off, Hannity graciously thanked Manning for this cluster, patted him on the head, and gave him a Metrocard and $5 for some Gray's Papaya on his way back to Harlem. Also, you gotta love the subliminal message of the Pulpit Politics backdrop behind these idiots. Nice job of lumping Manning right in there with Wright and the rest of the Black Church.

Fox News: Fair and Balanced, indeed.

This whole thing would be kinda funny if there weren't lots (and I mean lots) of people watching it and believing every word of it. And that, my friends, is quite scary.

Question: What did you think of this Fox News Minstrel Show? And since I'm on the topic, can one of my NY peeps tell me if ATLAH is actually a real church that just discovered Youtube or some kinda election year scam?

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