Monday, March 10, 2008

Hillary Didn't Win Texas. Did You Know!?!?

I was wondering about the status of that Texas Caucus, and a bit surprised that not much has been uttered since Wednesday. The Sunday Morning Talking Heads had nothing to say about this yesterday, other than that Clinton's win in TX signals a change in momentum. But is that really true? The final tally is (almost) in.

New York Sen. Hillary Clinton has claimed victory in the Texas primary — but her rival, Illinois Sen. Barack Obama, may walk away with a greater share of the state's delegates.

That's because the Texas contests are actually both a primary and a caucus.

Clinton won the primary with 51 percent of the popular vote to Obama's 47 percent, according to the Associated Press. Those results earned her 65 delegates to Obama's 61 delegates.

But allocating delegates in the Lone Star State takes a "Texas two-step." After the polls closed, more than 1 million Texans also attended caucuses, the results of which determine how about one-third of the state's delegates get awarded.

The state Democratic Party estimates that Obama will come out ahead: 37 pledged delegated to Clinton's 30 delegates.
Oddly enough, had I not been perusing Jack & Jill Politicks, I would have never heard about this, since the mainstream media is all but ignoring it, and giving traction to such nonsense as Hillary insisting Obama be her running mate (never mind the fact that he's way ahead). A Google News search returned little if any usable info on the subject. CNN? Moot. And of course, the conservative chatters are silent.


I guess all those SNL skits worked after all.

On a related note, it's good to hear Obama clapping back for a change. I wonder why he isn't trumpeting his after-the-fact delegate wins in Nevada, and now Texas more.

Question: Had you heard anything about the Texas Caucus final tally before now?

Obama Ahead in Texas Caucuses [NPR]

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