Friday, March 28, 2008

Chris Wallace Is A Great American.

[No, not ChrisTOPHER Wallace. The guy above. R.I.P. to B.I.G. though.]

I don't usually like posting pointless videos, but this one's worth a look for anyone fed up with the typical one-sided cable news talking monkeys. And hey, it's Friday.

As you guys know, I'm not particularly fond of conservative talkers like Sean Hannity (a great American whom I'd love to meet in a dark alley), Bill O'Reilly, Michael Savage and the like. Listening to them continually spew one-sided and borderline racist sentiments on the daily is good entertainment (which is why I still tune in anyway... Air America Radio sucks! Sorry.) and enlightening (cause lots of folks do indeed think just like this), but ultimately bad for your blood pressure. You know, kinda like watching 106th and Park everyday.

[Editor's Note: With a lull in campaign activity, I'll be taking yet another self-imposed hiatus from Politricks as Usual next week. Expect some Hollyweird, Crap Music, Guest Posts, and TeeVee Sux in the interim. Sorry folks, but I have to do this periodically to keep my sanity.]

Fox News' Chris Wallace goes head to head with his own colleagues on their biased coverage and distortions of a recent Obama radio interview. It's the kinda exchange that those of us who watch such channels and listen to conservative radio could only dream of pulling off.

Ethered! Sonned! Pwned! Cold Carried! Whatever you call it in your hood'.[1]

Of course, this only works because Wallace is white and collects a check from the station. Any other guest would have been shouted off the air and probably had his mic unplugged O'Reilly Factor style.

Still, give the guy props for having the cajones to call out B.S. where he sees it.

Now, if we could only get Juan Williams to grow a pair.

Question: Do you listen to conservative talk radio or watch channels like Fox News? Why?

Dissension Arises at Fox News Over Treatment of Obama [NYTimes]

[1] Or burb, barrio, cul de sac, ranch, whatever's clever.

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