Monday, February 11, 2008

Why The NAACP Stays Losing: Exhibit B

The NAACP Image Awards are just as much of a joke as the once venerable organization itself. I finally figured this out a few years ago when I looked at their list of nominees and found Robert Kelly nominated for singer of the year, and that child who played Baby Girl on The Bernie Mac Show nominated for Best Supporting Actress. I mean, seriously, R. Kelly shouldn't be nominated for anything other than castration. And nominating a 6 year old girl for an award? WTH? I guess Toni Childs from Girlfriends didn't do enough with her lines that year.

Still, just when I figured the NAACP couldn't possibly make itself anymore of a punchline, along comes the latest gaffe.

D.L. Hughley will host the 39TH NAACP IMAGE AWARDS on Thursday, Feb. 14 on FOX, it was announced today by Vicangelo Bulluck, executive producer of the telecast.

"I'm very excited that D.L. Hughley will host the 39th NAACP IMAGE AWARDS. He is an everyman's political satirist who brings humor and insight to the issues and concerns that face us as a nation," said Bulluck.

Hughley has earned his reputation as a true king of comedy. He currently stars in his fourth one-hour special for HBO entitled "Unapologetic." Taped before a live audience at the historic Lincoln Theater in Washington, D.C., the special features Hughley's take on humorous topics including: the immigration debate, airplane restrictions, freedom of speech, the price of gasoline, the NRA and more.
I mean, seriously, I know the ship's been out to sea since Kwesi was busted having sex with a subordinate rolled out, but dag. Are you seriously telling me they couldn't find someone better than D.L. Hughley?

Lest some of you think I'm doing my usual "tearing down of another successful black man", let's not forget what Hughley did last year, amidst very little fanfare.

I mean, c'mon now. This in the NAACP Image Awards. Why would you have a host who took such unapologetic glee at trashing the black female image last year? Hughley hasn't bothered backing off his original statement, despite some low level protests last year. Of course, we know this is all about show anyway, the NAACP just wants someone to watch their annual horse and pony show so folks know they're important, and you know how insecure people need constant affirmation.

Then again, I suppose it's possible that D.L. Hughley is just the best possible host they could get. I mean, seriously, if you look at the list of nominees themselves, it just underscores how bad the TV and Movie game is for black talent right now. I mean, when the (other) golddigger chick from Girlfriends, and that Mowry twin on The Game are nominated, it just illuminates the slim pickins'. Peep the list below, it's pretty darned sad.

Ida B. Wells is crying inside.

Question: Do you think there's anything wrong with D.L. Hughley hosting the NAACP Image Awards?

D.L. Hughley to Host NAACP Image Awards

39th Annual NAACP Image Awards Nominees

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ebw-educated black woman said...

Uh, one thing really stuck out to me...the big ole' FOX logo all over this press release. SMDH @ the NAACP. But then again, as you stated, the organization has really lost it's relevancy. Wonder if the Clintons will attend this year, and get their pander on?! Did you check out how Hill shook up her team? SMDH @ Hill thinking putting the sista in charge is gonna stop her from receiving the a** whooping she's going to get tommorrow night in the Potomac primary.

The Ink said...

The jokes just write themselves.


DuBois is doing cartwheels in his grave.

Anonymous said...

He was never a funny comedian...ever...he tries on Def Comedy Jam but I think they are laughing at him than with him.

So I guess he thinks his wife Ladonna is a hag and his two daughters Two daughters, Ryan Nicole and Tyler Whitney are up and coming hags.

He needs to really check himself.

Vee said...

AvgBro, D.L. Hughley has a long history of demeaning folks in throughout his career. I've heard him in one of his previous HBO specials admonish a sister with a natural hairdo.

I never watched the NAACP awards but I remember Tupac receiving an award simply for the song "Keep Your Head Up" only to have it later rescinded due to the club scandal. I'll just continue to largely ignore it.

cinco said...

I've never watched the NAACP awards. I've never expected any 'positive' images to come from them. I wish I was wrong. And Hughley needs to somehow 'advance' his career. I guess he figures a paycheck is better than no paycheck. But I agree with anon...he's never been funny.

AverageBro said...

@ ebw

Clinton isn't going to get any boost out of adding Maggie Williams. I don't see her overcoming that huge hole she's already in with blacks, and the press releases for this change didn't make any mention of Williams' race at all. I only knew this by peeping Huffington Post.

I really, really think this was a merit hire, not a PR one.

@ Ink

W.E.B. is indeed crying inside. Sad what this organization has come to.

@ Anon

Yeah, I wonder how he justified that comment to his wife and daughters. Seriously.

@ vee/anon/cinco

Keep it real, ya'll, he WAS funny earlier in his career on Comic View when he was snapping on audience members. But as he's tried to expand his routine over the years to do politics and race stuff a la Chris Rock, he's clearly gotten out if his lane. And mind.

Anonymiss said...

Weekends at the DL solidified his wackness for me. I couldn't even bare to watch the sketches.

Exquisitely Black said...

I'm so sick of award shows in general and usually don't watch. But upon hearing that D.L. Hugley would be hosting the NAACP awards this year, effectively sealed their fate with me. What he said about that Rutgers team (along with that BET snafu)makes him completely ineligible IMHO.

Brother OMi said...

this show still comes on....?

where have i been?

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