Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Tired Of Politricks? I Sure Am.

This political campaign season has been a mixed bag for It's been good for bidness. Hits, comments, exposure, etc. have increased, although it's definitely not helping my cashflow since ya'll aren't still buying nearly enough t-shirts to fund my Jamba Juice addiction child's 529 plan! Anyways, the flipside is, paying attention to the latest smear, slight, or debate has it's downside. This stuff is energy sapping and at times downright depressing. It's made me realize that in my quest to bring you guys the brand of wit and wisdom that makes an award winning blog, I've begun spending inordinate amounts of time reading, listening, talking, and thinking about politricks.

Those of you who are recent to The AverageBro Party prolly think this site is all-Obama all the time, and if you've tuned in since December 07' or so, I couldn't blame you for that assessment. But when I look up and realize I've darn near spent three straight months covering The Race For The Number One Spot 08', I know somethin', somethin', just ain't riiiigghhttt!

So, in that vein, I'm really, really, really hoping that Obama pulls a clean sweep of Ohio, Texas, and whatever other two insignificant states that are up for grabs next Tuesday. Not necessarily just because I'm PrObama, but mainly because I'm getting pretty darned sick of talkin' about all this stuff. If that happens, expect to take a looong exhale and start shifting tone. You'll see a whooole lot more Crap Music, Hollyweird, and Grand HuStles, and a whooooole lot less PoliTricks as Usual and Barry 4 Prez. Seriously.

Maybe it's just me, but I'd love to take a nice long hiatus from being concerned with this nonsense until around September or so. What do ya'll think?

Question: Are you getting burned out by this political campaign or is it time for AB to take a badly needed vacation?

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