Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Do Hispanics, Asians, and Native-Americans Vote!?!?

Of course they do, that's a completely rhetorical question, but think about it. We're in the midst of a potentially history making Presidential race between a black(ish) man and a white woman. And true to form, the MSM has sensationalized the whole thing into a Black vs White issue, much like every other substantive racial discussion in America.

If I'm Hispanic, Asian, Native-American, or of Middle-Eastern descent, I'm wondering, "hey, what about me?".

For a politricks junkie like myself, CNN is darn near like a KFC buffet. Every night you get hour after hour of what I'll proclaim as the best televised political analysis out there. Wolf Blizter. Anderson Cooper. Lou Dobbs (who looks like a grown-up Bobby Hill from King Of The Hill. seriously, look at him). Soledad "Code-Switchin'" O'Brien. Every night they talk extra greasy, and even mix a few token black faces (Roland Martin and Amy Holmes) in for good measure. With those darn writers on strike, it's about as close to must-see TV as I get nowadays. Outside of Little Bill marathons on Tivo of course. AB Love Da' Kids.

Still, while they've worked the whole race vs gender angle so many times it's hardly even interesting anymore, this always seems to be in the context of Black vs White. Even when another race is mentioned, it's usually in relation to how these other groups view Blacks (Obama gets no love from Hispanics) or Whites (is the illegal immigration debate just hidden racism?). The coverage is seldom, if ever, about the specific needs of these ethnic groups.

Hispanics are always discussed through the lense of illegal immigration, as if there aren't millions of them here legally who just might have some other interest. Asians, who make up 12% of California voters, are damn near invisible. American Indians are invisible. Middle Easterners aren't pandered to at all, because of that tricky little Islam issue.

It seems like long ago, someone sat down and framed the discussion for the future of race in America. Asians, Hispanics, and errybody else drew the short straws. Just watch your Super Tuesday returns tonight and tell me I ain't right.

Thank God for Racialicious.

Question: Do you think the mainstream media marginalizes or downright excludes other ethnic minorities when it comes to discussions on race?

Here's about as close to a rainbow coalition of voters as you'll get. It's not nearly as annoying as most PSA's, but who the hell thought putting Chammillionaire in there was a good idea?

Indian-American voters set for Super Tuesday [NDTV.com India]

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