Monday, February 25, 2008

An MultMedia Exposé : Saturday Night Live Has Officially Jumped The Shark.

As I've said here repeatedly, my childhood institution Saturday Night Live definitely ain't what it used to be. Most of ya'll prolly don't even realize the show is still on, and for all intents and purposes it isn't. The show hasn't even been watchable since Will Ferrell kicked rocks a few years ago. Now, it's pretty much devolved into a bunch of godawful skits (let alone funny), B-List guest hosts, and musical acts I've never even heard of. Maybe they should just rename the entire show "D" in a Box (pictured above) and repeat that somewhat funny digital short for 90 minutes. It would definitely be better than anything they've done in a long time.

Eddie Murphy and Joe Piscopo are crying inside.

Anyways, I pretty much forgot about the show, especially after the strike and all, but lo and behold, I look at up yesterday and the Tivo's got a new episode. The kid's asleep, I've knocked out my Honey-Do list, so I figure I'll give it a look.

It's official, this show should now be off the air. Not because this episode was particularly bad (they all are), but because the show's signature political satire, something it's always hung it's hat on, took a wild turn for the worse and actually showed rank favoritism towards Hillary Clinton. Repeatedly.

Peep this terrible, and too-long parody of last week's Texas debate. I watched the debate, and I keep CNN on lock. I don't see anything particularly partial about their treatment of Obama. Apparently the fine folks at SNL do, which might could have something to do with CNN kicking MSNBC's butt in the ratings.

Ha! Ha! So funny I forgot to laugh. And just how hard is it to get a black cast member to play Obama? Keenan Thompson (of Nickelodeon's Keenan and Kel fame) is the only brother on the show now and he's a little too big in the britches to fit the role, so the privilege went to featured player Fred Armisen, who looks the part, but fails miserably everywhere else. MadTV's Keegan-Michael Key does an Obama 10 times better, and even he doesn't nail it. So, Strike One!

After some more awful sketches that I fast forwarded past, guest host Tina Fey (who used to be an SNL cast member, but now stars on 30 Rock, TV's best comedy evar!) shoots for the hills, turning Weekend Update into a Hillary-4-Prez Infomercial. Strike Two!

Bitch is the new Black? WTH!?!?

Tina Fey is certainly entitled to her opinions, and I'd have no problem with her (or any celebrity) shilling for their candidate of choice on their own time and dime. But using a not-ready-for-prime time comedy show to make your preference known to millions (thousands?) is just wrong on so many levels. I'm apparently not the only one who thought so, because both Obama and Clinton supporters are ripping her a new one on NBC's own boards, as well as Huffington Post. What's next? Is Tracy Morgan gonna endorse Alan Keyes? Sheez.

Still, even I have limits to my own rage, because TeeVee generally sucks and Fey's show is one of the few worth tuning in to. So I'm not takin' 30 Rock off my Season Pass, but man, it'll be hard to look at this chick the same way again. One show I will be taking off Season Pass... you guessed it, SNL!

At least they redeemed themselves somewhat with this other segment on Weekend Update, starring everyone's favorite uninvited guest, Mike Huckabee.

Say what you want, but a guy who can make light of his situation like that is alright by me.

Man, MadTV's never looked more appealing.

Question: Other than the blatantly conservative Fox News, do you find any cable news outlets or newspapers clearly favoring one candidate over another? Have you actually watched SNL since the Murphy Years?

[Editor's Note: Just in case you're wondering what Jump The Shark means, here ya' go.]

‘SNL’s’ return just as expected, unfortunately [MSNBC]

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