Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Bill Clinton Has A Dream... ZZzzzzzzz...

Most of us had the day off yesterday. Some of us used it for humanitarian purposes. Some of us laid at home and watched Judge Joe. And some of us, like me, celebrated Dr. King's holiday in a way that truly upholds the values Dr. King fought so very hard for: by going to an NBA game.

I went with AverageBrother to watch my Washington Wizards trounce the hapless Dallas Mavericks. It wasn't a particularly exciting game, and around the 3rd quarter, I looked over and noticed my brother dozing off. I was gonna get a little upset, given the money I shelled out for the tickets, but reality is, when there's little excitement, you can't blame folks for tuning out and catching a "z" or 20.

I would imagine that's Bill Clinton's rationale for what he did yesterday while pandering for the black vote honoring Dr. King's legacy in Harlem.

Play-by-Play courtesy of the NY Post...

Bill Clinton showed yesterday why he made it into the book "The Art of Napping."

During an appearance at the Convent Avenue Baptist Church in Harlem, the former president was caught nodding off.

Clinton was there during a service to honor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., while his wife was nearby at Abyssinian Baptist Church, where she was endorsed by its minister, Rev. Calvin Butts.

Clinton has had napping episodes before. Among others, he nodded off at a Mets game and at Ronald Reagan's funeral.
In Bill's defense, pandering does get pretty tiring after awhile, and listening to the admittedly dry MLK III recite the same boring speech for the 43rd time would probably lull me to sleep as well. Peep this.

Still, it's not a good look by any means to doze off, especially on King Day, and double especially when your wife is under fire for marginalizing Dr. King's contributions to the advancement of rights for colored folks errywhere.

If you haven't peeped the video for this yet, here you go.

Hopefully all this is causing Black America to wake up. I guess we'll see for sure come Saturday.

Note to The Clinton Machine and Black America: Get Some No-Doze.

Question: Is this a bad look for the Clintons, or do you blame Bill for falling asleep during that dry speech?


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