Friday, December 7, 2007

Andrew Young Should Lay Off The Hater-Ade.

Talk about cross-generational hatin'. This week former Atlanta mayor Andrew Young was asked for his comments about Barack Obama's prospects for The Number One Spot, and he just couldn't withhold his venom.

Former Atlanta Mayor and Ambassador Andrew Young explained why he does not support Sen. Barack Obama to win the Democratic nomination for president - until "2016."

He made the remarks after being asked by a crowd member about the Illinois Democrat at a "Newsmakers" event held in Atlanta.

"I want Barack to be president," he responded with a long pause, " 2016."
"Barack Obama does not have the support network yet to get to be president...," he said. He reflected on his days serving as one of many lieutenants to Martin Luther King Jr. He also said that while Obama's rival Sen. Hillary Clinton is surrounded by quite a few black advisers Obama has very few.

"To put a brother in there by himself is to set him up for crucifixion," he said.
But of course, it gets worse as the geriatric Young couldn't resist taking one last, completely uncalled for stab at the youngster.
He also joked that author Toni Morrison may have been on to something when she referred to former President Bill Clinton as the "first black president."

"Bill is every bit as black as Barack," he said. "He has probably gone out with more black women than Barack."

Can we please clear up a few things about The First Black President? Under Bill Clinton, the number of blacks in prison exploded. He did nothing for repealing the Reagan era construct of mandatory minimum sentences. The prison industrial complex exploded during his time in office. He did jack squat for Rwanda. He emptied the welfare rolls, under the misinformed expectation that the economy would hold up (it didn't). He presided over the corporate corruption that was the dotcom boom (and subsequent bust). He threw Lani Guinier under a bus. I could care less about his premarital indiscretions, but they clearly fueled to the Christian conservative movement that pimpslapped us with 8 years of George W. Bush.

And what exactly did he do that was so great for blacks? Oh yeah, that's right, he perfected The Art of Tactful Pandering. His wife is running plays from the same book right about now. Black President my ass. [||]

Wake up, Black America. Please.

Seriously, I know Andrew Young and his civil rights era generation of politicians feel disconnected from today's new Ivy League upstarts (Cory Booker, Obama, Duval Patrick, etc.) but how necessary was it to go there?

Obviously there's some level of jealousy at play here, thus the unnecessary low blow. And obviously, Young supports the Clintons, which he's certainly entitled to.

What's sad is that if Young would step back a bit, he'd appreciate the fact that Obama is part of his legacy. Had it not been for the groundbreaking efforts of him generation, there wouldn't even be a Barack Obama. In short, he should be proud, not jealous. You don't see Bill Russell hatin' on Lebron do you?

Watch the video of this nonsense.

Somebody call Shady Acres.

MLK is cryin' inside.

Andrew Young explains why he is not supporting Obama [Redding News Review]

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deedee said...

i have no problem admitting that i was not very supportive of obama at the outset. my reason- i was really dissapointed that the first truly viable black presidential candidate did not share my heritage, and that of so many other black americans- the very heritage that got him where he is. he has no black american ancestors who slaved in cotton fields; who sharecropped their way through the early 20th century; who fought wars overseas for their country despite being treated like a 4th class citizen at home; who toiled and risked their lives so that their children would one day have the right to vote, to be educated and to earn a decent living. i resented the fact that he was the FIRST black american in his family and that he was being afforded this stellar opportunity because of the price WE, as multi-generational black americans, paid for him. but as the months have gone by, i have shed my resentment. he is a brilliant black man who is married to a brilliant black woman. he has reached back and worked in some of the poorest communities in the nation. he doesn't seem to have any morally-corrupt skeletons in his closet. and he CLAIMS HIS BLACKNESS. i took an online poll and learned that my views line up with his by 78%- more than with any other candidate. i'm no longer a hater. i'm a supporter. i encourage everyone to at least need to give the man a chance.

JerseyBred said...

My repost from Bossip. Excuse my language but I was PO'd when I 1st read this story:

Wow. My Stupid N#gga radar is going berzerk right now. Can’t believe Barack’s Blackness is being determined by how many Black women he’s dated. WTF is wrong with Blk ppl?

& Blk ppl need to hop off Bill Clinton’s d#ck already. He put more Blk men in jail than Reagan & he was a strong proponent of the War on Drugs which disproportionately placed more Blk men in jail, placed crack at a higher level than coke when it comes to charges & sentences, & locked up addicts rather than rehabilitated them.

& f#ck Hillary. She was the last idiot standing supporting this quagmire of a war & wised up when she found out she was alone. F#ck her for supporting this blood for oil war.

domo said...

While I agree with your comments on Young (house nicca) and Clinton (excessive panderer), it seems like you're doing a lot of bashing w/o acknowledging Bush's faults.

Then again, you're a Black Republican, so what else should I expect?

domo said...

While I agree with your comments on Young (house nicca) and Clinton (excessive panderer), it seems like you're doing a lot of bashing w/o acknowledging Bush's faults.

Then again, you're a Black Republican, so what else should I expect?

cube said...

Andrew Young needs to be put out to pasture. Senility isn't cute.

Anonymous said...

andrew young, jesse jackson, al sharpton, professors of IVY leauge white schools ie eric and cornell, and about 20 other so called black ignorant preachers (pretenders) are all sell outs. They have sold out all of ignorate, poor, loyal, uniformed, non right brained brothers for 5 peices of silver. Listen "THEY ARE PAID CONSULTANTS FOR THE CLINTON CAMPAIGN". This means that they get about 10 grand a month to mislead you fools not vote for Obama or not to vote period. WAKE UP!!

JerseyBred said...

Dyson & West are Billary supporters? I saw West at the Apollo with Obama on stage when he was speaking there.

jjbrock said...

Why don't Mr. Young sit on it. I don't trust the Clintons. Maybe it is that white water thing.

Booker T. said...

Andrew Young and all of those civil right coons are jealous because they are not presidential caliber. Those negros will do anything to be the token democratic niggas. They are nothing but "throwbacks". The civil rights movement was from over forty years ago. As far as Jesse, using a Cedric tha Entertainer quote "F*ck Jesse Jackson!". And Andrew Young is a Walmart employee. He sold out to Walmart, Why should we listen to him?

zackattack said...

I think that you can disagree with somebody without being disrespectful. Unfortunately, AverageBro hasn't learned that lesson yet- being over 10 years older than me.

I have retracted my haterations on Barack, and I now support him.
But you don't have to attack somebody's age because like I said, you ain't a 20 year old yourself. Neither am I exactly (I'm 23).

Daphne said...

Andrew Young has probably been scared to stand up against a white government evr since Dr. King died. I feel so sorry for him. Why is it that when God is ready to do the impossible in the eyes of many(i.e. Obama being the first BlackPresident), Mr. Young would act like an 'unbelieving Peter'. His job is to pray for the young men, and not to mock his faith and courage in what God can do. Yes, he's mad because he may not live long enough to see Barack's two terms at the White house and he definitely does not want to die with a broken heart. You'd better be worried about what Dr. King will sya when you get to the other side. Dr. King shared in Christ's sufferong in every way possible because he believed in His GOD and what he can do. You do not know Barack's heart and God's plans for him. So, if you want to see change in AMerica as many of hopeful Americans, get on your knees and pray for this young man. I am glad he did not come to any of you civil rights leaders for advise, because it's obvious you're not believers in the impossible.
So let hopeful, praying God-fearing ordinary Americans lift Mr. Obama in prayer and let God decide his fate.

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