Thursday, November 15, 2007

The Obligatory Stepha Henry Post

Yes, she's still missing. Nope, still nobody gives a crap.

I did a Google search and got nothing new. Google News search: nothing new. Google Blog search: the first returned hit was my last post.


If somebody knows a rapper or self-aggrandizing talk show host who'd love to take the reins and turn this into a legit story, please tell em' to holler at me.

In the meantime, if you'd like to give something to the family, here's the info, courtesy of Crime Scene

If anyone would like to donate to Sylvia Henry, Stepha’s mother there is an address below to send checks. As far as I know, these monies are being used to raise the reward for information and may be used to offset the expenses she encounters traveling back and forth to Florida.

Sylvia Henry
PO Box 5083
Hollywood, Florida, 33083-5083

John Jay College is also taking up a reward. Those wishing to contribute can mail a check payable to the following address:

John Jay College Foundation Inc.
Stepha Henry Reward Fund, at John Jay College Foundation
899 10th Ave., Room 623T
New York, NY 10019
I never thought I'd actually pray for Rebb'n Al and Jesse to come to the rescue, but here's one instance in which they (or at least the publicity that comes along with them) are really needed.

Keep this family, and this young lady in your prayers.

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