Friday, November 23, 2007

Giving Thanks

As we pause for the cause of this great holiday, let's not forget the real reason for the season. Well, other than luring folks in to drop a crapload of money on Christmas gifts and buying another Aspen home for lots of CEO's of course. The other reason for the season is the pause and reflect on all things good.

In that spirit, I present to you, Things AB is Thankful For:

God. Nuff' said.

A church that teaches practical biblical principle without pimping me in the process.

A wife who is 10 times smarter than me and fine as hell. Every man should be so lucky.

A brilliant son who looks just like me. No need to call Maury on that one.

A functional family.

Loving and supportive outlaws in-laws.

Great friends who don't care about my feelings.

Good health.

A reasonably challenging career that allows me to take care of my family.

Okay, now on to the trivial stuff.

Second chances. Because if my team hadn't resigned Andray Blatche after his highly publicized run in with a prostitute, our season would be lost right now.

Black people like Tavis Smiley who "get it".

Fantasy Football.

Hi Definition TV.

Broadband Internet Access. Because this blog wouldn't exist if I was still on dial up.

Black people like Michael Baisden, who "don't get it", thus giving me lots of fodder for this blog.

BET, for providing me with enough examples of Extreme Niggadom to keep this blog alive.

The NBA.

Good neighbors.

AverageMentee and Average5thGradeRecLeagueHoopsTeam. Cause AB love da' kids.

Readers like you who check for on the regular and don't mind letting me know when/if they disagree with me. Shouts out to Chris N., deedee, plez, GAGirl, cinco, and V. And yes, even you domo.

Happy Holidays! If you got something you're thankful for, drop it in the comments.

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