Sunday, October 28, 2007

Genarlow Is Free At Last... Quick, Somebody Block MySpace!!!

Quietly lost in the furor of the big T.I. news Friday was the release of another, albeit lesser known Atlanta-area political prisoner. Yes, that was sarcasm. But how else do you explain the outpouring a support for the release of a mediocre rapper charged with (allegedly) amassing a stockpile of weapons powerful enough to defend a 3rd world country, let alone his family, which resides in a gated community?

Louis Farrakhan says "T.I. was set up". David Banner, who is quickly becoming the hip hop version of Al Sharpton, says he's going to "make it uncomfortable for snitches", in response the the alleged tattling by T.I.'s weedcarrier bodyguard which led to his temporary imprisonment. Wyclef, clearly looking for any pub possible, refers to T.I. as a "prophet" who "speaks to the people like Malcolm X". I don't know what planet these Negroes reside on, but how do you possibly defend a guy who (allegedly) tried to buy guns like these? Really, there is no defense.

What you know about dat'?

Anyways, you probably didn't hear, but young Genarlow Wilson also got off after nearly 2 years in jail when the Georgia Supreme Court finally gained an iota of common sense. Of course Jesse Jackson was right there by his side, because, hey, there were cameras present and Rebb'n Al is on vacation this week. Speaking of which, the Post had an excellent op-ed piece in today's paper that summed up my feelings on the Good Rebb'n far better than I ever could. It's a must read, link is below.

Now free at last, Genarlow says he wants to move on to college now and have some semblance of a normal life, which I pray he'll be able to. Before he does that though, I sure hope some of the adults in his life will pull him aside and tell him to keep his ass off MySpace and Facebook, and any other place where he could end up doing something stupid and landing himself in the The Trent Benefield/Rodney King/Jena 6 Book of No-Longer-Sympathetic Victims. A bit of advice for you Genarlow: Don't Make It Rain On Them Pros. Please.

I also hope the adults around him who are slipping in for self-aggrandizing photo ops will also help him get some counseling of some sort, because there's no way you can be fully functional after the total injustice he's endured. Seriously.

Something tells me Wilson will know better than to fall into a similar situation, however. I wish him the best.

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