Tuesday, September 25, 2007

SuperHead Is About To Get SuperSued

I've made no bones about my contempt and outright disgust for this Karrine "SuperHead" Steffans chick. For those of you unaware, this ex music video "star" more or less slept with every famous black man you can name (and a few Jews for networking purposes), then wrote a book about it called I Blew All These Rich & Famous Guys, And All I Got Was This Lousy T-Shirt The Confessions of a Video Vixen. As if being a professional ho wasn't bad enough, the fact that the woman has been able to turn this whole charade into a profitable career is perhaps worse. The book shot to #1 on the NY Times Bestseller list. Steffans made the cable news and talk radio circuit, somehow spinning her lascivious ways into a story of women's empowerment and sexual independence. Fannie Lou Hamer cried inside.

The fallout of her more or less "outing" lots of the men she slept with has been huge. Shaq just filed for divorce, and I'm pretty sure his wife will use the entire chapter of Confessions dedicated to him as Exhibit A for his philandering. Bobby Brown got caught up too. So did Method Man. I'm not saying these guys aren't partly responsible for wrecking their own marriages/babymama arrangements, but damn, where's the honor amongst adulterers? By em... "kissing" (among other things), and telling, Steffans violated damn near every G-Code of post-coital snitching.

That's not to say that every man who got outted by Steffans is just gonna take the whole thing lying down (pun intended).

Karrine "Superhead" Steffans is set for a huge pay day when her new book I Blew All These Rich & Famous Guys, Wrote A Book, And Now I Have A Benz The Vixen Diaries hits book stores later on this week. But she may not have that money for long. That's because MediaTakeOut.com has learned that former 106 & Park host Darius "Big Tigger" Morgan has hired a lawyer and is set to sue Superhead for defamation.

The lawsuit stems from allegations that Superhead made regarding Tigger's sexuality. The former video vixen has publicly claimed that she caught Big Tigger nude and in bed with model Tyson Beckford. And according to Superhead, Tigger's anus was bleeding.

A close friend of Tigger tells MediaTakeOut.com that the former BET host is furious with Superhead for making those allegations. The insider explained, "[Superhead] went around making this ridiculous claim when her last book came out and now she's doing it again ... It' just a ploy to sell more books." The insider continued, "Last time [Tigger] let her get away with saying that, but not now - she's going o have to pay for lying on him like that."

And Tigger stands to receive a huge damage award. Tigger's pal told MediaTakeOut.com, "Everywhere [Tigger] goes, people are always talking about what Superhead said. She's really damaged his reputation ... And what makes it so bad is that what she said is 100% not true."
I won't even kid you, I'm not too big on this whole celebrity gossip tip, but I did hear the interview on Hot97 where Steffans "outed" Tigger, and I haven't really looked at dude the same way since. While her allegations weren't in that so-called book, they were all over the internet for anyone savvy enough to pull up that Wendy Williams interview a few years ago. And no, I'm not providing a link to that garbage.

I could really care less whether or not Tigger is gay. [||] It's not like he pays my mortgage or anything. Heck, I don't even watch 106 and Park, or whatever show he's doing nowadays. But on the flipside, hardly reputable chicks like Steffans (who has done low budget porn, and went through a phase of hard drug use) shouldn't just be able to talk greasy about a man's bedroom activities and get away with it. Reality is, the dude is in the entertainment industry, and such allegations can really ruin your career in a line of work where perception is reality.

Then again, Steffans is in the entertainment industry too, and I can't help but wonder about the timing of this lawsuit. Is it possible that Tigger's attorneys want to spur more sales of the book, and thus increase his likelihood of a good settlement? Is this all just a guise to get free pub for the book? If so, what little sympathy I have for Tigger is gone too.

Still, as I noted before, I can't believe that there isn't more outrage about this woman. She has essentially legitimized the whole concept of Video-"Dancer" (I won't call her what she really deserves to be called) as a career path. As much as male artists, female rappers, record companies, and radio stations are (rightly) accused of promoting the stereotype of hypersexualized black women as little more than sex objects, I can't believe this women has somehow managed to dodge the silver bullet of criticism. She is a walking, talking, and (repeatedly) kneeling embodiment of every bad label ever pinned on black women. Yet she keeps on making books and TV appearances, and I'm sure there's a WifeTime/BET Blackbuster straight-to-DVD movie being screenwritten as I type this.

Karrine Steffans is the prototypical, stereotypical Jezebel. More black people, especially women, should be highly pissed off that she's able to profit from this image. Where's the boycott of this ****** [offensive term in my head deleted]??? Folks should be picketing in front of her booksignings and urging her publishers to stop putting out this sorta trash.

Karrine Steffans is doing more to hurt the black female image than Debra Lee ever could. There, I said it.

Assuming his lawsuit is for the right reasons, I applaud Big Tigger [||] for manning up and trying to rehab what remains of his reputation. And if you're actually considering spending your hard earned money on I Blew All These Rich & Famous Guys, Wrote A Book, And Now I Have A Benz The Vixen Diaries and further contributing to this foolishness, just go ahead and kill yourself. Life isn't getting any easier.

Diahann Carroll, Lena Horne, Cicely Tyson, Phyllicia Rashad, and scores of other black women who have conducted themselves in public with class, grace, and yes, dignity, are crying inside.

[Note: I realize and despise the fact that I am indirectly helping publicize this woman's book with this post, thus the numerous strikethrus strikethrus above. And for anyone wondering, no, I did NOT buy I Blew All These Rich & Famous Guys, And All I Got Was This Lousy T-Shirt The Confessions of a Video Vixen. I borrowed a copy from a woman sitting next to me on a long cross-country flight. Since it was written on a sixth grade level, it was a pretty quick read. Alice Walker must be crying inside too.]


BONUS: Listen to SuperHead get Embarassed on Detroit Radio Interview [WJLB 98FM]

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Black Women in Europe said...

Now you see, I didn't even know who this woman is. But I do know that some people think it is interesting to read about whom is sleeping with whom, or whom slept with whom. I don't get it.

Anonymous said...

She is the representation of so much that is wrong with the black community. She is a whore who destroys black families. (This often leads to devastating economic consequences for black children.) Without these immoral women, men would have to find some other means for escaping the realities of long term relationships with their wives (and hence children). How long have we been "free"?

Please continue to call this harlot out!

Anonymous said...

The amazing thing about the Superslut is that men are lining up to do her. The book has actually made her more attractive. Instead of men donning masks around her or running to clinics just in case they may have been in the same room as her, they practically want to marry the tramp. I guess she's some sort of status symbol like,"Ay dude, Snoop was in there. I got herpes, I've arrived!"

ILL man.

enigmatik said...

Superslore simply tapped into everyone's fascination with vile and disgusting things and turned a trick...er, profit. The fact that this skip skap was able to pull it off so well speaks volumes about our society.

Anonymous said...

Great post. For the most part,I agree with most of what you said.

I also heard the interview that this woman did when she defamed Tig. I would have taken her to the bank back then. But if she is still running around sayin that, he should absolutely take her down.

I hae to admit, I was always a Tig fan. But after she said that about him, I havent really thought of him the same. Just being honest...

Again, good post.


molotovcocktease said...

Karrine is a slut but like Keisha Cole says..."Let it go". Why get yourself all worked up over her? She is not going to single handly destroy Black womanhood.

And as for Tigger, I know for a fact that there are some gay bones buried in his closet that he does not want a lawsuit/trial to dig up. People in the Hip Hop / NBA realm "know" all about Tigger but we just don't say anything...it's not a big deal. So I doubt he will actually go thru with the suit.

Anonymous said...

Have you ever heard the saying that there is some truth to every lie? Hence Tigger and the Karrine, he's a homo rumor.

As for Karrine and what she does/how she does it. She does not make any of these guys have sex with her. She's a temptress and NO ONE has to fall for temptation. I know it is easier said than done. Most of us can not see something dangled in front of us that we really want being it a cheeseburger or booty. Fighting the urge to give in can be a extremly hard but it can be done. Don't blame the temptation because in the end you made the choice to give into your own lust. Shoot Jamie Foxx ran like hell so it is possible to walk/run away from Karrine Steffans without screwing her.

patcz said...

She doesn’t harm BW her wounds are self-inflected. She is not a threat to BW she is a threat to her own self-esteem and dignity for goodness sakes I believe this women has children.

Anonymous said...

she is also the embodiment of every negative label place on black men -- since her behavior also reflects the black men who are cheating on wives and girlfriends, disregarding reputations, relationships, ethics, etc.

As noted, these men could have walked away from her but what they chose to do reflects on their character as much as it does on hers. Are we supposed to believe that except for her, these men never cheated, never engaged in these sleezy behaviors, don't hold these same twisted values about relationships? Let's not pretend she is the only woman these men have been with outside of their marriages and that they 'stepped outside' of their ethics for just a bit because she "tempted" them.

People are tempted all the time to violate all sorts of standards, goals, ethics, relationships, normal patterns of behavior. Heck, I am being tempted right now by a large glass of ice cold coke soda, though I have vowed to cut out soda.

Karrine is part of the same culture that this men are, that a lot of others are in, and the whole thing is sick.

Anonymous said...

I think a read somewhere that this jizzjar ended up losing her son to child protective services because of all this excessive bonin'. Good for her, bad for that kid.

But AvB, let's keep it real, you are making these men out to be saints. How can you defend THEIR part in all this?

I don't feel bad for any of these idiots!!!

LoveMyselfFirst said...

i don't get why people are hating on her so badly?

the bottom line is that the men had a lot more to lose than she. They were/ are in committed relationships whilst committing adultery.

Was she supposed to follow some adulterous/hoe code of ethics?

I find this all laughable. Any man who sleeps with her knowing her reputation deserves what he gets. When you lie down with dirty dogs, you get fleas.

Yeah, she's an opportunist. But, it's like that and that's the way it is. Protect ya neck and don't bone every creature that you are half sure has a pussy!

Furthermore, if everything that she said were lies in her book, why wasn't she sued 2 years ago for defamation/ slander after the first book came out?

Anonymous said...

Jizzjar is VERY funny!

summer said...

good post. i do have to say, however, if i were to "picket" because she is "hurting the black female image", i would be buying into the belief that one woman can be representative of all black women. she can't. she is not. it's bull that anyone would see her as even possibly representative of black women. and me picketing is not going to correct the issues that such a person obviously already has.

now video dancers might want to sue because she is representative of them as a group. but karrine ain't got shit to do with me. i don't personally support her buy buying the books, but i don't need to make a public display of it.

Vindy said...

AvgBro - Jenna Jamison made being a ho legit years ago.

T said...

Regarding Superhead representing the black image----sorry, she is a representative (though not a reflection) of black women in America. Sadly enough, the caucasians with the most power in media (like Bill O'Reilly) are the least exposed to African Americans. The only time they hear about us is when BS like this comes to the forefront....Plus, we as a race, though we have come a long way since segregation days, are still looked upon and pre-judged by other races based on the actions of our brothers and sisters---both in real life and as actors on TV/CD....to not believe that would be foolish....

Anonymous said...

your mad at rappers for using bitch and ho what is this chick?

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