Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Irrefutable Proof That Middle America Is Stupid

How else do you explain the proliferation of these new ads from a group called Freedom's Watch?

The other day, I'm sitting here with AverageBaby, watching the evening news (getting him started early), when the commercial below runs. I couldn't believe my eyes, so of course I had to hit rewind on the Tivo a few times to soak it all in. [||]

Can you watch all 30 seconds of this ad without getting re-acquainted with your breakfast? Go head, give it a try...

...I need some Maalox.

If that's not a blatant example of pro-military subliminal advertising, I don't know what is. A quick Google of this "Freedom's Watch" group lead, rather quickly might I add, to a familiar suspect.

Those of you who weren't asleep at the wheel during G.W. Bush:Term 1 likely remember White House press secretary/talking head/stooge Ari Fleisher. Dude stepped down just before Bush's 2nd term to "spend more time with his family". Anyone with half a brain knows that "spend more time with my family" is just politician speak for either "I can't possibly be re-elected" or "it's time to get caked up". At least current press secretary Tony Snow is being 100% honest about his intentions. Cut the check.

Anyways, part of Fleisher's "spending more time with family" meant establishing Freedom's Watch, which is nothing more than a propaganda machine to boost the Bush administration's awful approval rating for our ongoing unjustified war in Iraq, and maybe salvage the possibility of another right wing Prez in 08'. The ads are all similar in nature, featuring veterans and their families (albeit, not a single minority, not even a token Hispanic) expressing the need to "close the deal" and "not pull out", because "they attacked us". Baloney.

Furthermore, the ads end with an 877 number and an urge to "call Congress and tell them not to pull out". The only problem here is, Congress is in DC. The area code here is 202, not 877. As you might guess, this whole thing is just a hoax. You call the number and are asked some questions about your support for war, hit up for a donation to this sham of a special interest group, and are then forwarded to the Congressional switchboard. Brilliant.

Anyone with half a brain knows there's no link between 9-11 and Iraq by now. Hell, even the gubbment themselves admitted as much. Anyone still believing that this was justification enough for war is either a sucker, or just an uninformed voter. Unfortunately, as you're well aware by now, our country has quite a few of either category in abundance. And these thinly veiled "pro-war" ads are nothing more than pandering to this middle-American populace.

For those of you who think Rudy 4 Prez is far fetched, think again. Ad agencies are smart, and I'm sure they wouldn't be blowing millions of dollars on such a campaign if it hadn't tested well with focus groups and been proven effective.

Then again, considering the plummeting numbers of black recruits after that insulting "it's time for me to be the man" Army ad, maybe I'm underestimating us all.

This country never ceases to amaze.

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