Wednesday, August 29, 2007

When Makin' It Rain' Goes Wrong

Rapper Lil' Wayne recently took a much needed break from lip' lockin' with his mentor/stuntin' daddy/DL lover Baby aka: Da' Birdman (photographic evidence above) to throw a concert at Morgan State University. While performing his hit single (or was it actually Fat Joe's song?) "Make It Rain'", Wayne went all Pacman Jones and tossed some money in the air for "dramatic effect". Of course, contrary to his "Bling Bling" heritage, his cheap ass only threw a wad of $1 bills wrapped inside a single dub, but no matter.

As expected, the understandably broke Morgan St. Bears went buckwild trying to grab the cash, and lo and behold (shocker) somebody got trampled a bit.

Is that a frivolous lawsuit I smell? Get Greenberg and Bederman on the phone, pronto!

A Morgan State University concert-goer has filed a lawsuit alleging that she was knocked to the ground and trampled last year when a large amount of cash was thrown into the crowd during a performance by rapper Lil' Wayne.

Tyrique Layne, a student at Morgan at the time, filed the lawsuit yesterday in Baltimore Circuit Court, claiming that she required overnight hospitalization as a result of injuries she suffered last October at the concert held at the university.

In addition to Lil' Wayne, whose given name is Dwayne Michael Carter, the suit names Universal Records Inc., Cash Money Records Inc. and Young Money Touring Inc.

Last year's Morgan State concert was sold out in a field house that holds 4,000, officials said at the time. Three women were hurt when the money - mostly $1 bills, but including some $5, $10 and $20 bills - was tossed into the crowd, according to accounts then.

The lawsuit contends that Layne, who is seeking $1 million plus interest and costs, suffers frequent and severe headaches, neck and back pain, memory loss, difficulty concentrating, fatigue and other symptoms as a result of her injuries.
Like any frivolous lawsuit, this one tries to make the "victim" seem even more victimized by noting that Layne is an honor student and high school valedictorian. She has since left the school for reasons unstated, but I'm sure she'd say this has something to do with this accident. Bullcrap.

Reality is, this chick probably just got elbowed by some guy who beat her to one of those precious dollar bills, probably got her weave twisted in the process, as well as probably got embarrassed like all get out. But is this grounds for a $1M lawsuit? Wouldn't she be better off going after Morgan State for not providing adequate security? How is Lil' Wayne really, really responsible? Sure, he threw the dollar bills, but does that mean he made these kids elbow each other? I think not.

There is somewhat of a hip-hop precedence for this. Any 70's baby will recall the 1991 incident at CCNY where students were trampled during a security related snafu at a Heavy D concert (promoted by none other than P. Diddy, who was still skipping classes at Howard at the time). Diddy (who was then simply known as Sean Combs) was found liable, but 9 people died, and 28 people were seriously injured. Quite different from 1 chick with a headache and wounded ego if you ask me.

My prediction: the judge will take this case and drop it like it's hot.

Morgan concert attendee files suit [Baltimore Sun]

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