Tuesday, August 21, 2007

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AvgBro Actually Works Week continues...

Bill O'Reilly is at it yet again. I'm not saying Nas is the cleanest of rappers (let's not forget this dude made a song called "Oochie Wallie" which was basically about running a train on a groupie), but for Bill O'Reilly to suggest that he shouldn't be invited to VATech is ridiculous. Let's not forget, VATech accepted money for massacre victims from R Kelly's benefit track/PR ploy on iTunes. If Robert Sylvester Kelly is good enough for the Hokies, so is Nasir Jones.

Then again, Bill O'Reilly (nor his "hip-hop expert" counterpart) can't even pronounce the name "Nas" (it's Noz, not Nazz, dummies) correctly, so I guess any debate here is falling on deaf ears. Of course, O'Reilly has to make Mike Vick, rap music, and black culture in general responsible for this somehow. BTW< how do you like the old black dude vs young black dude dynamic? The old "divide and conquer technique" is tried and true for ratings, but is really necessary?

Then again, even Time Magazine knows Hip Hop is Dead, so who really gives a flyin' flip?

Either way, if you want to get yourself all riled up for 10 mins, have a listen.

No, this isn't a MadTV skit. Yes, this is a real ad. Where are The Black Crusaders when you need em'?

Jesus help us!

This isn't quite as bad, in fact, it's pretty cool. This dude reminds me of that uncle we all have who got a real job, but couldn't give up his R&B sanga aspirations.

Eff' a swap meet, it's just like a Mini-Mall.

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