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Karrine Steffans: The Black Woman's Worst Enemy

I got into a casual convo with a friend today about this Karrine Steffans , whom many of you will remember for her celeb-exposing tell-all "Confessions of a Video Vixen". I don't even really remember how the whole ball got rolling, but it made we wonder: why aren't black women boycotting this chick?

Think about it: this woman is basically the walking personification of everything that's ugly, misogynistic, and sexist about hip-hop, and she has practically made a career out of celebrating this. If you're unaware, and I hope you are, Steffans, who also goes by a nickname so vile I won't even mention it here, rose to "fame" by "modeling" in music videos, doing low budget porn, and sleeping with lots of rappers, ballers, and random celebs. If he's black, somewhat rich and even moderately famous, there's a good chance she uhhh... "serviced" him at least one time.

Jay-Z. Nas. Shaq. Xzibit. Method Man. Ja Rule. Vin Diesel. Busta Rhymes. Kool G Rap. Allen Iverson. Even Ray J got him a piece.

Ray J. Talk about a lack of dignity.

This broad has more nuts in her than a Baby Ruth.

She's screwed more black men than FEMA.

More semen in her than a submarine.

I could go on and on. It's that bad. Really.

Still, some publicist thought it was wise to have her package her stories as a celebrity tell-all. As opposed to portraying her as the floozy (my grandma's favorite word for loose women) she is, the PR spin was that she was a woman abused as a child who didn't know any better and these men victimized her then. But now, she's older, wiser, has found God, and wants to warm little girls about the perils of engaging in celebrity fellatio. Now Mother Theresa Sister Karrine wants to use her past as a tool for empowerment for women to remind them that despite how many times they've scuffed their knees, they can find true love and still succeed in life as strong black female role models.

Trick, please!!!

[I know I am probably about to lose half my female readers here, but I hope all 4 of you will listen very closely to my point before you close the browser or flame me with bad feedback. Then you can flame me.]

If she had really had a great change of heart and realized that her former whoring ways were wrong, wouldn't the noble thing be to write your book and disappear back into a life of obscurity? Wouldn't she perhaps stop dating rappers and just go back to raising her kid(s), rather than continuing to pop up on this red carpet and that with every D-list rapper (Lil' Wayne), washed up Kang of R&B (yes, Bobby Brown got him some), and random white dude (Bill Maher too)? Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't a change of behavior typically accompany a change of heart? I don't know this woman's private life, but if it's anything like the public one I happen to see from time to time while perusing junk food sites like Bossip, Concrete Loop, and Crunk & Disorderly over my lunch hour, I'd say she hasn't changed much. Outside looking in of course.

What's worse is that with the media attention she's gotten, in my opinion, she's legitimized the whole concept or "video chick" as a legitimate come-up. She's already spawned several copycats, like the tell-alls by Nas' baby mom, radio personality missjones, and reportedly a similar book by singer Mya, who really should have better things to do. Steffans has been on Oprah, 20/20, and of course Tyra Banks (not that that's saying much of course). She has another installment in the series, The Video Vixen Diaries or some such nonsense coming out soon, which to me confirms that she's still ho'ing. And I just happened to see the other day that she's now engaged, although she ain't telling who the unlucky dude is yet. If course, she did note that he's someone famous. Surprise, surprise.

Where's an appropriate Too Short quote when I need one!?!?

Question: why don't black women have a real problem with this? For all the criticism (justifiably so) about "B's and H's" in hip-hop, and all the kerfuffle (unjustifiably so) about shows like "Hot Ghetto Mess" of late in this post-Imus world, it's amazing that nobody really seems to have anything to say about this. Doesn't a woman like this undermine everything that's right about hip hop in general, and black women specifically?

Yes, there are lots of male rappers who spout this mindless garbage and they should be criticized. I'm totally with you on that one, don't get it twisted. But why the relative silence on a woman who darn near celebrates, personifies, and profits from this sort of attitude herself? Wouldn't such a woman actually further perpetuate such nonsense? Where is the outrage? Where's the email campaign and e-petition asking for her publisher to stop this garbage from being published.

Am I missing something here? Isn't Karrine just as much (more?) of an enemy of black women as Snoop, Ludacris, or Lil' Boosie (although I kinda like "Wipe Me Down" - so shoot me)!?!?

Ladies, educate me. I don't get it.

Lena Horne is crying inside. So should every sensible black woman reading this.

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