Thursday, July 5, 2007

Where The Hell Did Scooter Get $250K Over The Weekend?

Our felonious friend, the non-snitching Lewis "Scooter" Libby somehow managed to scrounge up $250K over the weekend to settle his debt, making him a virtually free man.

Call me crazy, but how did this cat have time to get a check cut for a quarter mill over the weekend? He was commuted Friday, and paid his bill Monday. Talk about one hell of a July 4th celebration? I bet the Libby household was pretty crunk yesterday.

More importantly, however, is how did he come up with that kinda money?

On second thought, a look at his Wikipedia bio (which we know is the gospel) says dude is from an affluent family. His pops was an investment banker, and Scooter was a corporate atty himself. Besides, his legal support was paid for by the dubiously named "Scooter Libby Defense Trust", which apparently carried as much as $5M at one point. So, he was lawyered up, gratis, which is obviously a good look.

I'm sure there was probably a clambake of some sort this weekend to raise even more funds. Reality is, when you tally it all up, dude probably didn't have to call his Morgan Stanley advisor a single time.

Damn, you can out a spy, lie about it to a grand jury, get the sentence commuted, and have your boys foot the bill for the whole thing.

What. A. Country.

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