Monday, July 30, 2007

Sorry Mike Vick, Your Boy Is About To Snitch

Apparently, The Universal Code Of The Streets means nothing to Mike Vick's former weed carrier, Tony Taylor. Faced with the prospect of doing some serious time for his role in the alleged dogfighting case against Vick, Taylor is about to sing like Jennifer Hudson.

One of the men facing federal dogfighting charges along with Falcons quarterback Michael Vick is discussing a plea deal with federal prosecutors, which could spell bad news for Vick.

Tony Taylor, 34, of Hampton, Va., has a plea agreement hearing scheduled for 9 a.m. Monday in the U.S. District Court in Richmond before Judge Henry E. Hudson. Meanwhile, court records show a sealed order signed by Hudson was issued in the case Friday, which might or might not be related to Taylor's plea.

The plea hearing could mean that Taylor, who pleaded not guilty to the charges Thursday, has agreed to cooperate with federal prosecutors. Vick and the two other co-defendants in his case also pleaded not guilty Thursday.

"This could be very bad news for Vick," said Steven D. Benjamin, a veteran criminal defense attorney from Richmond who has represented many clients before Hudson. "If he is pleading guilty, he is cooperating with the government."

Taylor could get a lighter sentence through a plea deal.
Now ain't that bout a "B"? You take dudes out the hood, put them up in a mansion, pay them an exhorbiant salary to carry your piff and execute bum Rotweillers, and this is the thanks you get? Esteemed peers like James Cunningham are shaking their heads in disbelief right now. Tony Taylor is violating all rules of weed carrying with this reckless behavior. What a shame.

Scooter Libby Is Crying Inside.

Vick co-defendant strikes deal [AJC]

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