Sunday, July 15, 2007

Preach Barry, Preach!!!

With more money in the bank than 50 (aka: "Fiddy" for my unhip, but wannabe-down brothers of a lighter shade) Cent, Barack Obama can now focus on narrowing that early gap between him and Hillary. Recent polls show he's still trailing by double digits, but as Howard Dean or any fan of the Washington Wizards will attest, a big lead in the first quarter don't mean jack. Well, maybe John McCain is the notable exception.

Once seen as a potential $100M man on the fundraising tip, McCain is darn near tapped out. Dude has raised $26M to date, and has run through it like a scorned black woman with her husband's Visa card. With his conflicted positions (pro-war, anti-abortion) lacking resonance with the Republican die-hards, the likelihood of McCain joining Jim Gilmore on the AverageBro UnEmployment Line is gaining momentum. Pencil Rudy in as the right wing challenger in 08'. Unless, of course, he goes back to that annoying habit of cross dressing again. Yikes.

But back to Obama. It's hard to believe that not long ago (still?) folks were making the man justify his thug, by asking such silly questions as "is he black enough?". To Obama's credit, he handled such criticisms with the usual grace, but it's a damn shame that black people can't even be happy with a man who has a better chance of winning than any person of color, evar.

Seriously, who's to judge what "black enough" is? Does the man have to a eat KFC and show up in a Jeezy video? Does he have to know how to "pop lock & drop it"? Chicken Noodle Soup? Sheesh.

Obama, fresh out of Harvard, spent two years post-graduate making in the mid-teens as a community organizer on the South Side of Chicago. Find me another black man who's done anything similar, and ask him is he "black enough". If he doesn't beat the shit out of you for asking such a dumb question, I will. So, enough already. The man is black.

Recently in an attempt to make inroads with black voters (he surprisingly trails Clinton in early polls), he's reshifted focus on addressing black issues, albeit in a covert enough manner that whites don't get all nervous and worried too much about pro-reparations conspiracies. Today, he delivered a rousing speach in Chicago, addressing the recent outbreak of inner city killings there, and bemoaning the fact that our country isn't doing more. That, I can respect, which is why I finally decided to stop being cheap and put my money where my mouth is. The Barry-4-Prez Campaign has now raised $35,000,005. Hey, it's a start.

Please, for once and for all. The man is black. Stop hatin' (as we love to do), and participate.

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