Friday, July 13, 2007

A Missing Black Woman Is Only Worth $1,000. Your Prayers Are Priceless.

Yes, Stepha Henry is still missing, and apparently nobody gives a shit.

Henry's family is contributing a $4,000 reward in addition to the $1,000 offered by Crime Stoppers. A family friend also donated $1,000.
Ok, so the actual amount is $6,000. Whoop-De-Damn-Doo [Derrick Coleman ™].

Nearly $5,000 of that comes directly from the family, Crimestoppers is only throwing in a "G". Apparently society at large doesn't care enough to contribute more, and I have little doubt that the lack of media exposure for this story is a large reason for that, since people tend to pay attention to whatever's on the TV, as long as it's on the TV. Out of sight, out of mind, and unfortunately, shit out of luck if you're the family, and you've already given as much money to the reward fund as you already can.

This would be the space where I usually pop off a bunch of shit about why hasn't Oprah/misc NBA player/Al Sharpton/misc rich-slash-visible black person done something about this.

That story is played, because leaning on such people to make something important, to deem it worthy of attention, is a trick bag black people fall into far too often. It's a convenient excuse that puts all the weight off your shoulders and squarely on those of someone else who doesn't have time, doesn't care, or doesn't even know what the issue is. Enough of that.

If you care about Stepha Henry, stay tuned. I'm going to somehow find a way to contact the family and get info for contributing money to the reward. I'll provide the address, you (and I) write the checks. I'll also dig up a list of producers for national cable TV shows that we can pressure to picking up this story and raising it's profile. Something, anything needs to happen.

If we don't do it, who the hell will?

I'll keep you posted. Keep praying for this young lady and her family.

$6,000 Reward Offered In Stepha Henry Case [NBC6]

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