Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Bron Bron Goes Hollywood (Sorta)

Lebron James is really on the come up. Fresh off his first NBA Finals sweep (of many, as long as the Spurs exist), a new kid with his baby moms, and a successful stint hosting the ESPYs, King James is about to join MJ as the only NBA players to host SNL. No, SNL doesn't carry the same cache it once did, but hey, it's a come up nonetheless. From Akron to 30 Rock in just 5 years. Now, if he could only work on going to his left.

Here's a sneak preview of what we'll probably see this Fall. Lebron's My Prerogative knockoff at the ESPY's wasn't nearly as brilliant as say, Jamie Foxx's Let Me Be Your Tennis Ball or Tennis Ball 2, but then again, Jamie can't drop 32 per night.

On an entirely unrelated note, has anyone else noticed Jamie Foxx's strangely shifting hairline? What man's hairline actually un-recedes (not a word, I know) over time? It's pretty evident between clips 1 and 2 above, and even more startling here. That's some Steve Harvey style work right there.

Since I'm on the Web Junk tip, here's one more. Can you spot the award winning actor in this janky late 80's R&B vid? Boy, thank God movies panned out for this dude. Watching him Pop Lock & Drop It would be too sad for words.

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