Thursday, July 26, 2007

Karma's a "B"

As I told you guys a few weeks ago, the unholy union of YouTube and Google is nothing more than a Grand Hu$tle that will eventually allow movie and music studios to control the Poor Man's Tivo. My theory was greeted with crickets. It was received about as well as Mike Vick at a PETA convention.

Turns out AvgBro knows what the heck he's talking about after all (gasp). Everyone's favorite bootylicious "sanger" Beyonce recently took an awful spill during a concert in Orlando.

Beyonce Knowles made a dramatic misstep when she fell face-first down a flight of stairs during a concert. Ever the stage professional, she got right up and continued her performance as if nothing had happened.

The 25-year-old singer — flipping her hair dramatically and wearing a long red trench coat and high heels — was performing her song "Ring the Alarm" during a concert Tuesday in Orlando, Fla., when she tripped and stumbled down several stairs.

Knowles quickly regained her footing, reclaimed her microphone and went on with the show.
Obviously, a woman falling head-first down 12 stairs is hardly a laughing matter, and I'm glad the she's okay. But given how Beyonce and Kelly totally cold carried (DC slang) fellow Destiny's Child Michelle Williams when she notoriously fell on 106th and Park a few years ago, you can't help but think about this as karma being that proverbial bitch.

YouTube, corporate punk asses that they are, pulled the video after Sony BMG, Beyonce's corporate co-signer, claimed that posting it was "copyright infringement". Never mind the fact that most copies of the video that hit the web were filmed via camera phones.

Seriously, a camera phone video is a "copyright infringement"? Sheez. You'd think this was that old episode of What's Happenin' when Rerun was caught taping the Doobie Brothers concert.

Where's the line here?

Can Sony pull a video of me singing a Beyonce song (as if)?

A child wearing a Beyonce T-Shirt?

That damn effeminate little boy singin' "Irreplaceable" (please, do us all a favor).

This is obviously about protecting the fragile ego of a corporate ASSet (literally and figuratively), not copyright infringement. But YouTube is in bed with Google, who is in bed with Sony, which means you better look a little harder for that video, cause it ain't hosted on Poor Man's Tivo. If you lay down with dogs...

Just one more example of The Man, stickin' it to a brotha, because hey, how would you see this unless YouTube was around?

Thankfully, there are a million YouTube knockoffs like DailyMotion with good lawyers and presumably no corporate ties. So, enjoy, just in case you missed it.

And laugh. Beyonce's fine. Michelle would be proud.

Beyonce Busts Her Ass [Yahoo! Music]

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