Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Imus is Back!?!?!

Looks like the originator of the term "Nappy Headed Hoes" was just on a quick sabbatical, not fired all along. That's right, the I-Man is off the AvBro Cheese Line, and seems headed back to his old gig.

IDon Imus may be returning to radio quicker than you think. According to the radio rumor mill, the return of Don Imus, the I-man to WFAN is just around the corner.
And WFAN itself is contributing to the reports.

Imus buds Mike Francesa and Chris Russo, of "Mike and the Mad Dog," while celebrating the sports station's 20th anniversary last Friday, whispered that a deal to bring the talk-radio legend back to the radio station is in the works.

"When we return to our regular schedule this September, I hope the team will once again be complete," Francesa said.

Something told me the way he was dismissed in such knee jerk fashion was too good to be true. The country has moved on to bigger and juicier distractions (Paris, Lohan, etc.) so I guess this would be a good time to slide him back under the radar.

Where's Rev. Al when you need him? Somebody tell Sharpton to put down that rib tip platter and get back to biz.

MLK is crying inside.

Imus In The Morning? Don Imus Rumored To Be Returning To WFAN [Post Chronicle]

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