Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Hillary Roolz!

Despite his "get money" fund raising results, and increased emphasis on chasing the black vote, Barry Obama is faced with a very real roadblock on his Quest For The Number One Spot: Hillary Clinton is still pummelling him in early state and national polls, with a solid double digit lead in most.

Yes, February 2008 and the Iowa caucus are months away, but what does it say for Obama's prospects that he's beating Clinton in fundraising, has support of more individual donors (including yours truly), is universally hailed as anti-establishment and war, and he's still gettin' his ass kicked Sugar Ray Leonard/Terry Norris style?

Questions of why Obama's mass appeal have yet to translate into votes proliferate. Theories abound. Many say Clinton is the best promise of a return to the good ole' days. Lots of people think Obama isn't experienced enough. Several say his views aren't radically different enough from Hillary's to distinguish himself. I say the Magic Negro Veneer only goes so far, and folks who say they'll vote for you can't necessarily be counted on to do so when they enter their places of polling.

Regardless, it's becoming evident that until something dramatic happens, Obama will continue to trail, as he has hardly chipped away at the deficit thus far. This could mean another key candidate (John Edwards, I'm talkin' to you, cuz) dropping out and endorsing him. It could mean a Howard Dean-style public meltdown or some really bad publicity for Hillary (unlikely, given all the stuff that woman's endured. She's a Teflon Don-ette). Or best yet, it could mean something else, that was inevitably going to have to happen at some point anyway.

Barry has to grow some balls, shed the nice guy routine, and start talkin' greasy.

Going negative in a campaign sometimes works, but it can also obviously backfire, especially if you've been painting yourself as a positive candidate for change. But damn that, there are few things black people do better than talk shit about other folks, true or false, and it's time for Barry to maybe get familiar with his Inner Nigga. Of course, being only 50% black, this will probably come out in a slightly nicer manner than say, kids playing the dozens, but hey, it's nearing desperation time, and I'll be damn if my $5 $500 campaign donation is going to waste.

Barry, grow a pair, bruh.

Obama tries to peel away Clinton backers [AP]

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