Saturday, June 30, 2007

Stepha Henry : Still Missing, Still (Mostly) Invisible

I realize that this blog, whether intentionally or not, at times dissolves into an indictment of the media for not doing its' job. This can mean oversensationalizing some things while outright ignoring others. The strange case of Stepha Henry, is such an example, but I wouldn't be fair if I didn't acknowledge when the media DID get something right for a change.

A family's desperate search for a missing daughter and sister continued Saturday, with volunteers passing out flyers in the hunt for Stepha Henry.

It's been a little over a month since the 22-year-old New York student vanished from a nightclub in Sunrise. On Saturday night [ed note: July 30th], her story will be featured on the popular television show, "America's Most Wanted."

Henry was visiting family in South Florida when she vanished May 29. She was last seen at the Peppers Cafe in Sunrise.
Thankfully for the family, John Walsh and the fine folks at America's Most Wanted (which airs, oddly enough, on Fox) have picked up this story and we can only hope other media outlets will follow suit.

Say a prayer for the Henry family in this very difficult time.

Family's Desperate Search Continues [NBC6]

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