Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Race Card!?!? Try Paying Your Damn Taxes!

Racism does exist. If you don't believe this, just scan the "Evil That Men Do" tag on the side of this page. There's plenty of evidence to back up my assertion, with more being compiled by the day. This country was built on racist and supremacy, it's as American as apple pie and Jessica Simpson.

Sometimes though, the "race card" needs to be rescinded from folks who don't know or can't relate to everyday struggles of the AverageBro. When this is played out of hand, it makes true injustices seem like the proverbial "crying of wolf". Such a case would be the strange saga of one Wesley Snipes vs the Internal Revenue Service.

Facing trial in a bizarre tax avoidance scheme, actor Wesley Snipes claims that prosecutors used race as a factor in deciding to charge him with failure to file six years worth of IRS returns. In a motion to dismiss an eight-count indictment filed last October, Snipes argues that he is the victim of selective prosecution. Snipes points to the fact that his two "Caucasian" co defendants, Douglas Rosile and Eddie Kahn, have not been charged with failure to file tax returns, though investigators are aware that Kahn did not file returns for six years and that it was "possible" Rosile did not file for two years.

Snipes, who was hit with six felonies for failing to file between 1999-2004, contends that the half-dozen counts were "impermissibly brought on the basis of Mr. Snipes' race" and should be "dismissed based on selective prosecution." Snipes, Rosile, and Kahn have been accused of attempting to defraud the government by claiming that the actor was immune to taxation based on the "861 argument." That claim, which has long been rejected by IRS officials, referred to a section of the federal tax code.
All together now.... KNEE-GROW PLEASE!!!

The IRS is all about green, not black or white. It's really simple: you don't pay what you owe, and there's a good chance they'll eventually come asking for what's theirs, plus interest.

This genius fails to file for six straight years, to the tune of $12M in arrears, and expects us to ride with him. He hasn't made a good movie since he played Flipper Purify in Jungle Fever. He made those ignorant and misguided comments about not dating black women. He allowed himself to sleepwalk through the godawful Blade: Trinity, stealing $10 from AverageBaby's college fund in the process.

Three Strikes, bruh. You're out.

We'll take that Race Card now. Your Ghetto Pass has long since been revoked.

MLK is crying inside.

Wesley Snipes Plays Race Card [The Smoking Gun]

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