Tuesday, June 5, 2007

The LeBron James Dilemma

Unless you've been under a rock or smokin' some of em', you're probably aware that former teen phenom LeBron James has his Cleveland Cavs in the NBA Finals, beginning tonight in San Antonio vs the much favored Spurs. I'm not the biggest Bron Bron fan for obvious reasons (beat my team two straight years in first round), but even I got caught up in the hoopla of that 48 point outburst/instant classic last week. I'm pretty sure the Cavs are about to get reamed in 4 straight, but I'll be Tivo'ing the Finals. Since this will be a ratings bonanza, I'm sure David Stern is laughin' straight to the bank with this. [Ha Ha Ha Haaaaaaa]

It's every dude's dream from childhood to make the NBA Finals, and be just 4 games away from being immortalized as a champion. But LeBron has a very real problem standing in the way, I am I ain't just talkin' about the bionic elbows of Bruce Bowen.

James' girlfriend, Savannah Brinson, is due to deliver the couple's second son on June 17, the night of a potential Game 5 in Cleveland.

When Brinson gave birth to LeBron James Jr. in October 2004, James left training camp in Columbus for several days. That time, Brinson was about a week late giving birth. If she's early this time and the Cavs are playing, there's a chance it could happen while the team is 1,000 miles away in San Antonio.

According to True Hoop, LeBron has already told ESPN that he's not going to miss any of the games for his kid's birth.
This is the ultimate lose-lose situation. If you play the game, your baby moms will hate you forever (ok, maybe not) and the kid will always know you put your job, no matter how glamorous, in front of him. Talk about priorities. On the other hand, AverageJoeTheSportsFan will hate you forever if you bail on the team and lose the series as a result. Again, you lose, you lose.

I don't envy LeBron a bit, because I can't say what I'd do in that same situation. Watching AverageBaby enter this world was magical, damn near other-worldly. I was the first person he looked at, the first to hold him, the first to get slobbered on. You can't possibly recreate that first 20 minutes, and I couldn't imagine willingly missing this. Conversely, reaching the NBA Finals is every man's dream. Many players never make it there (the very sad and old Chris Webber), others get there early in their careers (the even sadder, old, and retired Penny Hardaway) and never return. Few things are promised in sports.

Hopefully the baby (as they tend to do) will arrive off schedule and this won't be an issue. Or, they could always induce labor, but that's pretty selfish when you think about it.

Chances are this will all be irrelevant in the end, and Lebron will be right there on June 17th. Cause this series won't make it to a Game Five.

But seriously AverageReader, what would you do in this situation? Drop a comment.

Lebron Won't Miss NBA Finals For Child's Birth [AOL NBA Fanhouse]

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