Saturday, June 2, 2007

Finally, a Politician With an Original Idea

Deval Patrick made news last fall by becoming the first brother elected as Governor of the Commonwealth (why can't they just call it a state) of Massachusetts, and only the second (Doug Wilder) black man ever to lead a state.

Of course, not everyone was happy with this development. The haters immediately came out the woodwork and accused the brotha of being the Second Coming of Michael Dukakis, which, if you're a 70's Baby like me, you know isn't exactly a good thing. They assailed him on everything from his choice of political appointees, to this choice of Official State Car. Seriously, a black man can't get a Cadillac without erry'body hatin'? This is a brotha after all? What did you expect, a Ford Taurus. Apparently, they've never heard Throw Some D's.

Anyways, Patrick's latest idea is coming under fire as well, but it strikes me as an excellent idea. Why not make college, or at least the 2 year JUCO version of it, free to everyone?

Governor Deval Patrick plans to unveil a proposal today to make Massachusetts' community colleges, among the priciest in the nation, free to all high school graduates in the state by the year 2015, according to documents obtained by the Globe.

The plan would also provide preschool for all children, extend the school day and year, and guarantee two years of community college paid for by the state.

A pro-education governor with some original ideas. Seriously, what's not to like?

Of course, all of this has to be paid for somehow, and Patrick is short on details, thus the haters are circling.

This plan may never see the light of day, but for coming up with an out-of-the-box solution to the problems of public education, Judge Joe give Deval Patrick a "Well Done".

Patrick seeks free two-year state colleges [Boston Globe]

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