Saturday, June 2, 2007

Bustin' Caps For Wendy's Chili Sauce

I've never been a big fan of Wendy's Chili, or chili in general for that matter since I don't really like beans. Plus, I've always heard from folks who used to work at Wendy's that the chili is nothing more than day old burgers. Dave Thomas didn't waste anything. So, I tend to stick to the Junior Bacon when I go there.

I will, however say that the gold foil packs of Wendy's Chili Sauce are pretty damn good, whether on fries or burgers. Mix them with ketchup, and you've got yourself some good tastin' hypertension. But good enough to kill for?

What exactly is it about Wendy's Chili that makes people do stupid things?

You probably remember the incident awhile ago when some woman in California found a severed finger in her bowl of "rich and meaty" Wendy's Chili? That was pretty nasty. This all turned out to be an elaborate hoax, in which a finger was bitten off and placed in the chili (seriously) in hopes of extorting Wendys for a settlement. Needless to say, the principals in this matter will be in jail for some time. There are far easier ways of getting extorted money than having to bite off another man's finger. Haven't these morons heard of Greenberg & Bederman? Sheesh.

Wendy's of course took a big PR hit behind the whole incident, as well as a dip in revenues. I could only imagine that this latest Chili related crime isn't exactly gonna help matters either.

In Miami this week, some d-bag opened fire on a Wendys manager refused to give him his requested number (10) of packs of Wendy's Chili Sauce. Damn, it ain't even safe out here for McManagers no more.

I so couldn't make this stuff up.

Seriously, folks. Get it together. MLK is crying inside.

Wendy’s manager shot over limit on chili sauce [MSNBC]

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