Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Bobby Cutts is a Pretty Sick Dude

The Story That Just Gets Worse took a turn for the worser today. It seems that in the hours after he allegedly killed his child's mother Jessie Davis, Canton police officer Bobby Cutts Jr. (aka. Orenthal: The Next Generation) took a pause for the cause and spent some time modifying his MySpace-ish dating website on

I don't watch enough episodes of CSI to pretend to understand the mind of an alleged killer, but if you go from committing a grizzly double homicide to trolling for Computer Love in a matter of hours, you're either a) completely cold-blooded, or b) innocent. Judging by the mountains of evidence now piling up against Cutts, I'd say the former is more likely.

I'm sure many of you, judging by your comments, are looking for me to eat crow after my original Guilty Until Innocent post that drew record numbers (because that's obviously what it's all about) over the weekend. Don't hold your breath. Again, when the original post was put out there, NO evidence was being disclosed to the public. My post's sole purpose was to challenge people to withhold their judgements until there WAS some evidence. Any evidence. There is plenty now, and we all can pretty much surmise that Mr. Cutts did it, "and I hope he burns in hell" (actually from A Time To Kill™).

On a related note, it seems that Cutts' first baby moms, a "model" named Nikki Giavasis, has dubious links not only to Cutts and NBA Baller/Master Impregnator Shawn Kemp, but also, fellow double murderer, and ex-pro-wrestler Chris Benoit. Damn, does that chick know how to pick em' or what?

On a mildly related note, I guess I have to lighten up on the previously despicable Nancy Graaaace. Seems she's about to become a mother of twins at the ripe age of 47. Maybe this will change her sensibilities somewhat, since parenthood tends to do that (or so they say). So, I'll back off. For 9 months at least.

Thankfully, there's always Was Suspect Looking For Dates When Pregnant Mom Was Killed? [Fox News]

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