Sunday, June 24, 2007

Bobby Cutts Has Some Explaining to Do

So, while AvgBro was O.O.T.Blog this weekend, it seems there was a huge break in the Jessie Davis story, and unfortunately it's a bad ending for all involved. Cutts has been arrested, Davis and baby are dead, and I have a bad feeling we'll be hearing about this story for some time to come.

Judging by the comments from my Guilty Until Innocent post the other day, many seem to think I somehow was wishing the Davis family bad, and that Cutts was totally innocent and needed to walk. If you re-read the post, I clearly stated that my beef was with the media for over-sensationalizing a story and jumping to conclusions. Some read the post as I wrote it, others chose to see what they wanted to, which I feel makes them no better than Nancy Graaace (intentionally misspelled).

One interesting observation I made in the way this whole thing was covered was the polarization of the parties providing commentary. Ex-judges, prosecutors, and forensic scientists were paraded through the cable news show circuit. Since there were no black folks providing commentary (par for the course when something isn't a "race" story, because of course that's the only thing we're experts at), I noticed that men tended to be less judgemental overall and plead for all facts to surface before passing judgement. The women universally wanted him scheduled for castration. Strange.

If Bobby Cutts did indeed do this, I hope he burns in hell (Pulp Fiction). But as history has shown, you have to allow the facts to be presented in a court of law. Only God and twelve other white men can be the judge of that.

My prayers are with the Davis family and that poor child who is without parents or a sibling. Save the vile, and judgements, for another time and another target.

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